Russian literature: Peter Yershov Persons

March 6, 1815 in the village of Bezrukovo Tobolsk Province was born the famous Russian writer and playwright – Peter Ershov.

The Adolescent Years

Peter was born in the family of an official. Ershov family moved frequently because of the father’s life.

In 1824, his parents sent Peter and his brother Nicholas in Tobolsk learn. The boys lived in a family of merchants Pilenkovo ??- mother’s relatives, and when graduating from high school, his father he transferred to St. Petersburg, where the brothers entered the St. Petersburg University.

In 1831-1835 he studied at the philosophical and legal department of St. Petersburg University. As a student Yershov approaches the professor of Russian literature Peter Pletnev, meets with Vasily Zhukovsky and Alexander Pushkin. In their court nineteen student gives his first major work – a fairy tale “Humpbacked Horse”, which read Pushkin praise to say therefore begins:

“Now the works of this kind can and leave me.”

Pletnev during one of his lectures to university department read an excerpt from “The Little Humpbacked Horse” and presented the astonished listeners author wonderful fairy tale – their fellow student Pyotr Yershov, who was sitting in the audience.

Fame during his lifetime

An excerpt from “The Little Humpbacked Horse” appeared in May in the “Library for Reading” – Russian monthly magazine published in St. Petersburg. In October 1834 Ershov tale was published as a separate publication. Success accompanied the young poet: in December of the same year was approved for printing the first part of “Siberian Cossack“, and then the second part of this “old were”.

After graduation Ershov not get the desired position. For this reason, had to leave friends, of which he was a little, and with the literary environment. Conflicting emotions aroused and farewell to himself Petersburg: more expensive and there was merged with the soul of a poet, and on the other hand, Yershov beckoned Siberia, which he called “northern beauty”, dreaming about the study then still little-studied region.

Return to the small home

Returning home in the summer of 1836, worked as a teacher Tobolsk gymnasium, then inspector (since 1844) and Director (since 1857) and the management of the gymnasium schools Tobolsk province. One of his students – the future chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. Stepdaughter Ershov became the wife of Mendeleev.

Pyotr Yershov was the initiator of amateur theater gymnasium. The theater was engaged in directing. Wrote several plays for the theater: “Rural holiday”, “Suvorov and the stationmaster” comic opera “Yakut idols” and “Chereposlov”.

Published his poems in the Library for reading Senkovsky and “Contemporary” of Pletnev.

Russian poet died on 18 August 1869 and was buried in the cemetery on the goaf Tobolsk.