Russian literature: Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Persons

January 10, 1883 was born Alexei Tolstoy – Russian writer and public figure of the kind of thick, Earl. Author socio-psychological, historical and science fiction novels, novellas and short stories, nonfiction works.

Early years of the future writer took place in a small estate of A. Bostrom on the farm Sosnivka, near Samara (now – pos. Pavlivka in Krasnoarmeysky area).

In 1897-1898 he lived with his mother in Syzran, where he studied at the real school. In 1898 he moved to Samara.

In the spring of 1905, while a student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Alexei Tolstoy was sent to the practice of the Urals, where he lived for over a month Nevyansk. Later, in the book “The best trip to the Middle Urals: facts, legends and traditions,” Leaning Tower inclined Tolstoy devoted his very first story “old tower”.

In the First World War – a war correspondent. Traveled to France and England (1916).

Has undeniable talent, he wrote in a variety of genres. Enjoyed widespread popularity of his works “Childhood Nikita” trilogy “The Road to Calvary” historical novel “Peter I”. Writing “Aelita” and “Niperboloid Engineer Garin.” Thanks to Alexei Nikolayevich came to light the story of Pinocchio. October Revolution took Tolstoy initially hostile, emigrated, but in 1923 he returned to Russia.