Russian literature: Alexander D. Chertkov Persons

Alexander D. Chertkov (June 19 [1 July] 1789, Voronezh – 10 [22] in November 1858, Moscow) – Russian scientist, archaeologist, historian, numismatist, book collector. Founder Chertkovsky library, chairman of the Moscow Society of Russian History and Antiquities, one of the founders of Moscow (public) school of arts. Marshal of the nobility of Moscow, a member of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829. Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1842), honorary member of the Moscow Archaeological Society, Privy Councillor.

Alexander D. served in the Life Guards cavalry regiment; participated in the War of 1812. Participated in the foreign campaigns of the Russian army, especially distinguished himself in battle and Kulmskom was awarded.

Coming November 18, 1822 to resign, Chertkov spent two years in Austria, Switzerland and Italy, where he became interested in history. While in Florence, Chertkov became friendly with the Italian scientist and a priest Sebastiano Chyampi, so addicted to the study of Italian antiquities. Upon his return to Russia, Chertkov settled in Moscow, but open in 1827 Turkish campaign summoned him again on a military career, and he, June 15, 1827, he entered the Hussars of Archduke Ferdinand, serving which commanded the reserve squadrons of the regiment (4 March 1828).

Coming July 22, 1829 due to illness in his resignation, Chertkov chose a permanent place of residence Moscow, and only occasionally went abroad to their estates. Since then, he finally devoted himself to studying Russian history and antiquities.