Russian literature: Saltykov-Shchedrin Persons

189 years ago, was born Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin (15 [27] January 1826 – 28 April [10 May] 1889) – Ryazan and Tver vice-governor, the famous Russian writer.

Mikhail Saltykov was born in an old noble family, in the name of the parents, the village of Spas-Angle Kalyazin County Tver province. Was the sixth child of hereditary nobleman and collegiate adviser Yevgraf Saltykov Vasilyevich (1776-1851). The writer’s mother, Olga Zabelina (1801-1874), was the daughter of a nobleman Zabelina Moscow Mikhail Petrovich (1765-1849).

First teacher Saltykov-Shchedrin was a serf of his parents, painter Pavel Sokolov; then with him engaged older sister, a priest of the neighboring village, a governess and a student of the Moscow Theological Academy. In ten years, he entered the Moscow Institute of nobility, and two years later was transferred as one of the best students in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. It was there that he began his work of the writer.

We offer a list of his works, of course, recommended for reading:

Chronicles and novels

Golovlevs (1875-1880)

Story of a City (1869-1870)

Poshehonsky old (1887-1889)

Refuge Mon Repos (1878-1879)

Fairy Tales

Missing conscience (1869)

Faithful Tresor (1885)

Wild landowner (1869)

Crucian idealist (1884)

Tale of the zealous Chief (1883)

Bear in the province (1884)

Eagle-philanthropist (1884)

Piscary Wise (1883)

Story of how one man fed two generals (1869)

Selfless Hare (1883)

Poor Wolf (1883)

Zdravomyslenny Bunny (1885)

Liberal (1885)

Konyaga (1885)

Adventure with Kramolnikovym (1886)

Christ the night A Christmas Tale

Dried roach (1884)

Virtues and Vices (1884)

Trickster-newspaperman and gullible reader (1884)

Ever Watchful Eye (1885)

Fool (1885)

Ram-Nepomnyashchii (1885)

Kissel (1885)

Idle talk (1886)

Hercules (1886, banned, published only in 1922)

Raven-petitioner (1886)

Chizhikova Mountain (1884)

Books of essays

In the hospital for the insane

Lord of Tashkent (1873)

Lord Molchalins

Provincial Essays (1856-1857)

Diary of a Provincial in St. Petersburg (1872)

Abroad (1880-1881)

Letters to Auntie innocent stories

Pompadour and pompadouress (1863-1874)

Satire in prose

Modern Idyll (1877-1883)

Well-intentioned speech (1872-1876)


Death Pazukhin (1857 prohibited; staged 1893)

Shadows (1862-65, unfinished, set 1914)