29 of December day in history The Monarchist

December 29, 1768 Earl K. E. Sievers gave Catherine II a note, in which he demonstrated the necessity and benefit from the introduction in Russia banknotes. He suggested the establishment of a government Bank with the right of issuing paper money and exchange them for cash, which would be fully secured by copper. On behalf of Catherine II General Prosecutor A. A. Vyazemsky, managing the financial Affairs of the state, he has prepared a detailed plan for the issue of paper money.

It was suggested to issue the characters from the paper – “banknotes” to use to cover military expenses. Known “samples” of banknotes 1769 advantage of from 5 to 500 rubles, printed on paper without watermark (and without fields on the perimeter), no signatures, no two oval tisani in the upper part and without the denomination figures on the text. These “samples” are in the collections of the RSHA (Russian state historical archive) in St. Petersburg.