30 December day in history The Monarchist

“Fighting squadron in the Adriatic sea, under the leadership of Vice-Admiral A. N. Senyavin continued until the end of 1806 and had a significant impact on the strategic situation in the Mediterranean and in South-Eastern Europe, so as not allowed Napoleon to capture the Ionian Islands and to penetrate deep into the Balkan Peninsula.

At the end of 1806 the Mediterranean sea for fleet deteriorated significantly. Turkey is under pressure from Napoleon on December 18, 1806, declared war on Russia, in the hope that France will help in the capture of the Crimea and the Russian possessions in the Caucasus.

In the beginning of the war the relationship Mediterranean squadron with Sebastopol through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles was interrupted that much complicated supply ships. The changed strategic situation in the theater demanded A. N. Senyavin new solutions to use available to it strength, for now he was at the same time to organize the fighting against the French in the Adriatic ports and Turkey in the Aegean sea.