A real Princess Grace Kelly The Monarchist

“The beauty is a form of Genius — is higher Genius, for it does not require understanding”

Oscar Wilde

November 12 marks the 85th anniversary of the birth of unsurpassed Grace Kelly. During the 52 years of his life Grace was for his generation something of a mascot. Her image has become one of the most favorite in the film. She was dedicated the films, was awarded the Oscar. Her images use the designers and perfumers. During his life, Grace Kelly became a kind of icon, turned into a myth.

Grace Kelly had Irish and German roots, although she was born in America in the family of a wealthy industrialist Jack Kelly, engaged in the construction, in the past, the Olympic champion in rowing. She was the third child in the family. Grace was the older sister Peggy, brother John and younger – Lisanna. Her mother, Margaret Mayer, in his youth was a model, and her uncle George Kelly is a well-known playwright, Pulitzer prize-winning. The Kelly family lived in a luxurious mansion in Philadelphia. Since childhood, grace gained access to high society. However, she wanted to succeed in another exciting world than the one in which there were her parents.

In a religious College Rainhill Grace received a strict Catholic education. She was there at the age of six she first appeared on stage in the role of the virgin Mary in the Christmas presentation.

After moving to new York, Kelly began working as a model and simultaneously studied acting at the American Academy of dramatic arts. She auditioned for many roles in various plays, but only received contracts for advertising from cigarettes and beer to hats and cleaners.

In 1949, she finally managed to break through to Broadway, and she played in the play Strindberg’s “the Father”. From 1950 to 1952 frequently appeared in various television programs. In 1951 she was invited for a cameo role in the film “14 hours”.

A real Princess Grace Kelly The Monarchist   During his short but intense career, grace Kelly won an Oscar.

The following year, grace Kelly starred with Fred Zinnemann in the Western “High noon” (1952), where she was partnered by Gary Cooper. In 1953 John Ford invited her to play in “Mogambo”, where her partners were Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. For it Grace was nominated for an Oscar as best actress. But she got this honorary prize and the prize of the new York critics, for she created the image of a girlfriend singer-alcoholic in the film “Country girl” (1954).

For Kelly established fame actress adventurous films. Soon it drew the attention of Alfred Hitchcock, in which she starred in three films. Two of them – “In the case of the murder dial “M” (1954) and “rear Window” (1954) is called among the best works of the Director. The American film Institute placed it on the 13th place in the list of “100 greatest movie stars”.

A real Princess Grace Kelly The Monarchist   Alfred Hitchcock adored Grace.

During the filming of the third film with Alfred Hitchcock’s “to Catch a thief”, which takes place on the French Riviera, Grace met Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Their wedding consisted of closed to the public civil ceremony on 18 April 1956 and public religious ceremony the following day, April 19, after which grace became a Princess and left her film career.

September 13, 1982 grace was in a car accident. She suffered a stroke, resulting in her car lost control, ran off with a sharp turn and fell on the side of the mountain. The car was also her daughter Stephanie, who surviving. When rescuers pulled grace of the wrecked car, she was still alive, but he was unconscious due to serious injuries. She died the next day in the hospital Monaco, later renamed in 1985 in The Princess Grace Hospital Centre.

A real Princess Grace Kelly The Monarchist   For the sake of her husband, Grace refused dreams of childhood – career actress.

Princess grace was buried on 18 September in the family crypt Grimaldi after Requiem in St. Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco. The service was attended by 400 guests, among whom were representatives of foreign governments, and members of European Royal houses. Diana, Princess of Wales was represented by the British Royal house. Cary Grant was among representatives from the film community. About a hundred million viewers worldwide watched her funeral. Prince Rainier until his death remained a widower and was buried next to grace after his death in 2005.

A real Princess Grace Kelly The Monarchist   The marriage of Grace opened her new path is the path of the Princess of Monaco.

Still controversial and at the same time delightful story Kelly excites the minds of the people. She was remembered the world as a talented actress and noble Royal person, as a loving mother and devoted wife, as a style icon and the ideal of beauty.

“Life is the rarest thing in the world”

Oscar Wilde