Adoption of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich the imperial dignity The Monarchist

Earlier Emperor talked about Marriage o Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna of Imperial Blood. Today, we’ll  try to understand the fate of the Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillvich.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Empire, all descendants of the Bagrationi dynasty were not considered owners of the status of sovereign houses. However, on November 22 / December 5, 1946, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, as Head of the Imperial House, signed the act, which recognized the kingship of Prince Bagration of Mukhrani. According to him Prince Bagration-Mukhranskii as the senior branch of “Bagrationi family” has been recognized the kingship and the “right of its members to be called by Georgian princes and titled the Royal Highnesses”.

Adoption of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich the imperial dignity The Monarchist   Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich

“The head of the family is still alive”, whose daughter, nee Princess Princess Leonida Bagration of Mukhrani in 1948 married Vladimir Marchuk. From the text of this document is not clear whether it was recognized Vladimir Kirillovich royal dignity for all native Prince Bagration-Mukhrani or just for family of Prince George Alexandrovich. But that ismight be,this Act is the legal basis for the recognition of marriage of Vladimir Kirillovich.

Adoption of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich the imperial dignity The Monarchist   Princess Leonida Bagration of Mukhrani

On what grounds was considered royal dignity for the family of Prince George Alexandrovich Bagration Mukhranskii? From the text of the Act implies that Vladimir  took into account the actual circumstances of the two: The first one- “the independence of Georgia from 1918 to 1921”, which in itself has no value, because, on the one hand, from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Empire, such independence was clean separatism, and therefore had no legal status, on the other hand, Georgia at the time was a republic. The second- genealogical seniority of Prince Bagration-Mukhrani in relation to other branches of the Bagrationi. Also worth mentioning that similar legislation has not been published in Europe was not a royal House after they have lost their international personality! Neither house Gabsburgov- Emperor of Austria-Hungary, or the Royal House of Prussia (Gogentsollerov) did not publish any legal acts that would change the social or legal status of a noble family in the countries in which sometimes ruled by their ancestors. Head of the House of Romanov Act 1946 not only lacked a legal basis, but also exceeded its prerogatives as a person that is not a subject of international law, and who had no reason to make any changes in the socio-political situation of any aristocratic families in Russian Empire.

Indeed, in 1946 after crossing the birth of Georgian princes and Prince Bagration was born Prince Bagration-Mukhrani appeared older genealogy bank branch in all kinds of Bagration. Prince Georgy Bagration-Mukhransky (1884-1957), before the revolution,was the former of Dusheti county marshal of the nobility (county-level leaders of the nobility was in the Russian Empire at the same time, several hundred people) and married the daughter of a foundry supervisor Vladikavkaz railway ES Zlotnitskoy (1886-1979) in 1918 after his father’s death was really in terms of genealogical seniority senior representative of the kind of Prince Bagration of Mukhrani. However, whether it was by itself sufficient to establish him of the king (!) Dignity.

The origin of the same Prince George Alexandrovich Bagration-Mukhranskii of the royal dynasty of Bagration in itself does not mean its special Management Board otherwise exactly the same rules for Romanovs would have to have all of the many descendants of the prince Rurik dynasty, many of whom did not have a Russian Empire even princely title and occupies a very modest official position.

His act of 1946 K. Vel.Kn.Vladimir in fact violated the territorial integrity of the Russian Empire, the throne which he claimed. After all, the title of King of Georgia inseparable belonged to the All-Russian Emperor. Consequently, the claim to the throne of the Russian Empire, Vladimir K. had from the beginning to renounce his rights to the throne of the Kingdom of Georgia, and only then to recognize the royal law of a particular branch of the Bagrationi. In other words, Vladimir K. recognized dynastic rights of his subjects, thus supporting the regional separatism and reversing the entry of Georgia into the Russian Empire in accordance with the highest manifesto of Emperor Paul I and Alexander I. In this case, the fact Vel.Kn.Vladimira Kirillovitch is surprisingly internal contradictions. Head of the Russian Imperial House, declares that this act was to “preserve the integrity of the Russian Empire in the future” (!) And “rebirth of our great Empire” does not allow thoughts of the existence of Georgia as an independent state. In this case, the subjects of the Russian princes of the All-Russian Imperatora- Imperii- gain “royal dignity”, they are not granted by the laws of their country, or the dynasty, but by the will of the “Georgian king” – the All-Russian Emperor. Nothing is more absurd from the point of view of the law is impossible to imagine.

However, the main national laws of the Russian Empire, the throne which is perfectly legal claim Vladimir K., his marriage to nee Princess Leonida Bagration- Muhkrani was, no doubt, unequal marriage (morganatic) and, consequently, the offspring of the marriage in accordance with Articles 36 and 188 of the Code of basic state laws of the Russian Empire the right to inherit the Russian imperial throne.