Birthday of Emperor Alexander III The Monarchist

Today is the birthday of the Emperor Alexander III. 171 years ago – on February 26th / March 10th, 1845 was born the second son named Alexander in the Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg in the family of the Tsarevich Alexander II and Princess Maria Alexandrovna.

Birthday of Emperor Alexander III The Monarchist   Tsarevich Alexander

At this time, a potential heir to the throne was the firstborn of the Tsarevich Alexander Nikolaevich – the Grand Duke Nicholas Alexandrovich, and no one imagined that the Lord has been pleased to take away the Russian Tsar’s firstborn and the crown of the Russian Empire passed to his brother, who ascended the throne in 1881 as the Emperor Alexander III.

Grand Duke Alexander was from the imperial Romanov family and the second son was intended for military service. To inherit the throne was preparing his older brother Nicholas, who received the appropriate training. The main caregiver was Count Alexander Boris Perovsky, education was in charge of a professor at Moscow University economist Alexander Chivilev.

Initially, Alexander II had intended to marry the heir to the throne the beautiful Danish Princess Alexandra, but these plans were frustrated efforts of British Queen Victoria, who hurried to marry her with her son Albert (later King Edward VII).

In April 1865 the elder brother and heir to the throne, Grand Duke Nicholas Alexandrovich died of galloping disease. Alexander became the heir to the throne. He married his brother’s fiancee Princess Dagmar, who took the name of Maria Feodorovna. New Tsarevich passed a crash course of training in public administration and law.

In 1881, after the death of Emperor Alexander II, his son Alexander ascended the throne as Emperor Alexander III.