Changing the rules of succession in the UK The Monarchist

Recently there have been changes in the rules governing the line of succession of the British Commonwealth and the throne. Changes will be made after the bill is approved in Western Australia.

Changes on succession were before. So, in 2011, was adopted resolutions, including giving women equal rights in the succession to the throne, as men. Also removed the exception under which the couple who want to marriage must accept Catholicism.

Changing the rules of succession in the UK The Monarchist   At the moment, the woman has less rights to the throne than men.

This agreement initiated a long Legislative process. In the end, he will guarantee the unity of laws in all countries where Queen Elizabeth II is head of state. After that, all the bills will be brought into line with each other.

Under this agreement, the changes can come into effect when all countries will accept this project. Since the beginning of the process in 2013 each country has made its amendments and passed the law. The last country that has not adopted the agreement – Australia.

Last month the bill for consideration was received in Australia. At the moment there is no reason to assume that the bill will not be approved. That means that in the near future will be officially changed the order of succession to the throne of England.

Thus, the purpose of the law is the elimination of gender discrimination in the line of succession in order to bring the monarchy to the modern values.

Changing the rules of succession in the UK The Monarchist   Son Prince William and Duchess Catherine falls under the new bill, because it applies to all members of the family of the monarch, born after 2011.

Changes in the law in the full version:

The rule of “absolute birthright” continuity means that men and women have equal rights to inheritance and the eldest child, regardless of gender becomes monarch. The rule will only apply to people born after 28 October 2011, however, this does not change the line of succession to the throne dramatically (and indeed, his intention to affect future generations, and not change any real chances to inherit the throne’).

Refers to the repeal of the need to adopt Catholicism during the marriage. This will mean that members of the Royal family who married Catholics (for example, Prince Michael of Kent) will find their place in the line of succession. The change is not propagated to Catholics now.

Remove the requirement for all descendants of George II on the need for permission to marry. More than 5,000 descendants of George II refused from the throne because of marriage act in 1772.

Changing the rules of succession in the UK The Monarchist   After all the country will approve of these items, the bill will be passed to the head of the privy Council (Prime Minister of Great Britain).

Similarly will be held changes of renunciation of hereditary titles.

The law will not be felt for several generations and decades, ever since the birth of Prince George. Actually, the most senior members of the Royal family, will be impacted by the introduction of absolute primogeniture. At the moment, applicants effects of the law are Tanya and Senna Lewis (grandchildren of the Duke of Gloucester) is currently the 28th and 29th in line to the throne respectively – who will switch places, so as Senna was born after 28 October 2011.

Removing the insulation on the spouses Catholics, also will not have an immediate resonance.