Characters monarchs of Denmark The Monarchist

Three Golden crowns symbolize the Kalmar Union – the Union of Denmark, Norway (with Iceland) and Sweden (Finlandia) in one state, under the authority of the Danish kings. The chargers are the two “forest man” is taken from the coat of arms of Prussia, whose land was partially disputed by Denmark. Silver under Kalmar crowns refers to the Faroe Islands remaining under Danish rule. Silver polar bear is a symbol of Greenland.

The coat of arms is decorated with the Order of the Elephant (the memory of the fact that the Danes in one of the Crusades of the twelfth century killed fighting the elephant and the order of the Dannebrog.

Characters monarchs of Denmark The Monarchist
The Royal coat of arms differs state. In the state depicted lions and a crown of Denmark.

The Flag Of Denmark

The national flag of Denmark (Danneborg” Danish cloth) red rectangular cloth with the image of a white Scandinavian cross direct cross, vertical cross-piece which is shifted to the shaft edge of the cloth. Ratio of the flag’s width to its length is 28:37. The cross width is about 1/7 of the width of the entire canvas.

Officially established in 1625, is one of the oldest national symbols in the world. Used in Denmark since the beginning of the XV century. There is a legend of the origin of the flag, which tells that in the campaign under the leadership of king Valdemar II of the Winner (1259 year) against the Estonian of the Gentiles, when the Danes had lost the battle, from the sky descended a huge red flag with a white cross. Retreating Danish soldiers thought it was a sign of God, turned and caught the falling flag.

Characters monarchs of Denmark The Monarchist
The flag of Denmark has many variants. So, on the flag of the Royal family is an emblem of the.

The flag has undergone changes once: in 1397 Danish Queen Margaret I United in the Kalmar Union Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Then in the upper left corner of the flag appeared 3 crowns. In 1523 from Denmark separated Sweden, and in 1814 and Norway. Then Dannebrog lost 3 crowns and was exactly what according to legend, descended from the heavens.

Monogram monarchs

The monarch is the official monogram set shortly after tronskifte and have official status, in contrast to the rest of the Royal family own monograms. The monarch is the official monogram used, in particular, on royal reskripter. The band life guards and shoulder straps, Garderhusarregimentets saber-bags, valdrap and coins.

Characters monarchs of Denmark The Monarchist
Each monarch has monogram. This belongs to the ruling Queen.

Royal ridderordener

Denmark has two royal ridderordener, the elephant and the order of the national flag of Denmark. Both received their first written Constitution, December 1, 1693. At any time the ruling monarch of Spain is as for orders.

The elephant is the oldest and the most ambitious. The procedure known in the current state with confidence in 1580, but has deep historical roots, Dating back to the Christian God instituted the parent company since the mid 1400’s. Originally the Catholic order has been suspended in connection with the reformation in 1536, but genoplivedes again under Friedrich II (1559-88) with an elephant as a sign hangs with a blue belt is hence the name Blue Knight for the carrier of the order of the elephant. Show written Charter 1693 still valid with one amendment in 1958 can be awarded to women.

The order of the elephant, which has only one degree is awarded primarily princely persons in the country and abroad, as well as foreign heads of state in connection with the state visit. However, there are several historical and contemporary examples of bourgeois was born in both at home and abroad, who have made themselves, especially honoured, was pardoned by order of the elephant.

Characters monarchs of Denmark The Monarchist
Presents the order is one of the most honourable in Denmark.

In the order of the national flag of Denmark was established by king Christian V in 1671 at the instigation of the Chancellor Peter Griffenfeld. In order to give a new order of increasing weight and reputation is saved, however, from the outset, that, in fact, there was talk of genindstiftelse much older, which was founded by king Valdemar Sejr in connection with korstogsslaget of Lyndanisse June 15, 1219, national flag of Denmark, where, according to legend, descended from heaven, and the Danes were victorious.

For the same reason, the badge of the order in the form of a cross, and Dannebrogs red and white colours characterize the dividing strip and the cross. This myth, however, convincingly ago been refuted, why the star of the order of the Foundation of the world dates back to 1671.

In similarity with the elephant received the order of the national flag of Denmark its first written Charter in 1693. Under this was of the order of only one so-called ” white knight”, as in today’s Storkorsridder – and the circle of knights was limited Danish princes and nobles, while the bourgeois gave birth did not come into consideration.

This changed only in connection with star of the order of the expansion in 1808. The apartment inddeltes of the order of several degrees, and the range feature has also been extended to include civil-born people. With fewer subsequent amendments, the provisions from 1808 to continue with a formal basis for the star of the application. Danish citizens bourgeois origin, today the largest group of style.