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Nigeria defeated army headquarters militant group “Boko Haram” in Gvoza reports Reuters.

On Friday, March 27, government troops pressed Islamists in a small town. According to the Nigerian Army in Twitter, some Islamists have been killed and many captured. In most Gvoze and its environs conducted cleanup.

Militants “Boko Haram” captured the city, located in the northeast of Nigeria’s border with Cameroon, in August 2014. They proclaimed it the center of an Islamic caliphate. According to Reuters, it was contained 200 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamists a year ago.

March 14 the army of Niger and Chad have released the Nigerian city of Damascus, which was under the control of “Boko Haram” with November 2014.

Joint Operation armies of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria to combat the “Boko Haram” began in 2015. During the fighting the Islamists drove almost the entire territory of Nigeria.

Islamist group “Boko Haram”, operating in Nigeria and neighboring countries, in favor of the introduction of Sharia law in the territories under its control and for the fight against the West. “Boko Haram” is behind many of the terrorist acts committed in the region. In early March, the group leader, Abubakar shek swore allegiance to the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (effective in Syria and Iraq, on the territories under their control and proclaimed the capital of the caliphate in Mosul).

Imperial throne support any initiatives for the establishment of religious peace in the region.