Current questions of a new meeting of the Government The Monarchist

First of all discussion of the international part of questions concerned first of all the problems which arose at negotiations in Macedonia. The matter is that the Government of Macedonia in time the last meeting which took place on Tuesday, don’t ready to put the signature under a number of the agreements reached earlier. These agreements concerned providing preferences in the construction sphere. Duration of negotiations which are initiated by the Macedonian party becomes a serious barrier. Macedonians hint at additional checks the question with which didn’t arise earlier. These and other difficulties at the moment are in process of permission, however demand a little more time and efforts from the Imperial Throne.

“It’s absolutely unexpected for us. The international contracts are build on the signed agreements or on confidential arrangements of authoritative and responsible officials. If one of the parties wants to change earlier reached agreements, it freely and openly reports about it that we want in the relation with Macedonia” – A.A.Bakov commented on last negotiations with the authorities of Macedonia.

Legislation questions

Discussion of questions of the new legislation, its creation and improvement became the second important point of a meeting. Until recently “The law on the nobility” was adopted and its practical application was discussed on the meeting which would be expressed in talent of noble family titles by the Emperor Nikolay III the Royal decree.

The initiative of the Government of writing of new laws on the basis of norms of the Russian Empire, and also absolutely new laws which would regulate modern spheres – the Internet, social communities, information exchange will become other direction of regulation of the legislation. For example, “The law about the nobility” where the main emphasis would be put on protection of the creative and intellectual rights in open access can become such document.

These two most important questions from the agenda of a meeting of the Government. Imperor continues to watch the events connected about a meeting of the Government of the Imperial Throne.