Day in history December 20 The Monarchist

Stefan Uros IV Dusan (Serb. Stefan Uros IV Dusan, also known as Dusan Strong) – the Serbian king (Serb.kralj) (1331) of the kind of nemanjic, 1346 – “Emperor of Serbs and Greeks” (until his death in 1355).

During a series of successful wars under his leadership, the Serbian Kingdom became the most powerful state in the region, including in its structure a significant part of the Balkan Peninsula and making a real competitor to the Byzantine Empire. In the reign of king Stephen in the country was held codification of the Serbian law (in particular, they created a “Lawyer” – a set of legal norms of medieval Serbia), spread of Byzantine culture.

20 December 1355 in its capital Skopje died Serbian king Stefan Dusan in which medieval Serbia had the most influence. To power it came with overthrowing his father’s throne, and ruled the country for 24 years.

Conquered from the Byzantine territory Dusan was annexed to Serbia and has created an extensive Serbian-Greek Kingdom. In 1346 he was crowned as “king of the Serbs and Romans” (i.e. the Greeks) with the simultaneous establishment of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate. Published new laws – “the Lawyer Stefan Dusan” – has strengthened the feudal system. But 15 years after the death of the king his conquests were lost, and the country has become less than it was at the time of the accession of Stephen.