December 29 day in history The Monarchist

December 29 1791 was signed Iasi peace Treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, ending the Russo-Turkish war of 1787-1792.

Negotiations were held in the city of Iasi in the Moldavian Principality (now in Romania), with the Russian side was represented by a nobleman, A. Potemkin, and after his death to A. A. Bezborodko, the Turkish Grand vizier Yusuf Pasha. Signed the agreement on behalf of Russia Samoilov, de Ribosome S. L. Lashkarev and on behalf of Turkey flight Effendi (foreign Minister) Abdullah Efendi, Ibrahim Ismet Bey and Mehmed Efendi.

The agreement was secured by Russia in the Northern black sea coast, Crimea, strengthened its political position in the Caucasus and the Balkans. Russia depart the land between the Southern bug and Dniester, which set the boundary. Thus, the territory of the future Bessarabian province remains under Turkish rule. In the Caucasus restored the border of the river Kuban. Turkey refuses claims on Georgia and agrees not to take any hostile actions against the Georgian lands.

Fearing persecution by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire, a significant number of residents left the Moldovan Principality, most of which moved beyond the Dniester. There are supporters of Russia among the Moldavian boyars received large land holdings. In Transnistria were based in the town of Grigoriopol (1792) and Tiraspol (1795).