Diary of Nicholas II The Monarchist

In the morning, had to answer the telegram and receive congratulations from the new. Year. Went with the children to Mass at the Cathedral of St. Theodore. After breakfast, read, and then walked. The weather was calm, pleasant – 4 ° below zero. At 3.40 went to the Grand Palace – took ministers, officials of the Court in the new suite. Then, in the great hall spoke to diplomats. Returned home to 5 1/4 tea. Took Engalycheva appointed Governor-General of Warsaw. Engaged before lunch. The evening was too busy.

2nd of January. Friday.

He took all morning to an hour and a quarter. At 2 o’clock went with the children in a playpen for the wounded tree, for Convoy and Consolidated Regiment. Walked. Before tea took Shcheglovitov after gene. Markov. Learned from Voeikov that in 6:00. by M.V.R. yellow. dor. between the town of Tsarskoye Selo and train collision happened. Poor Anne, among others, was seriously injured and about 10 1/4 brought here and taken to the palace infirmary. Went there at 11 am. Parents arrived with her. Later came Gregory.

January 3rd. Saturday.

Morning learned that Anya a little better. Alix went to surgery and remained almost to the hour.

Prior to reporting walked twenty minutes. Breakfast and lunch Sablin (Dej.). At 2 o’clock went with the children on the Christmas tree in the arena, and then to the infirmary to Anya. He sat with her; also went to the wounded three of Nizhny Novgorod.

Came back together for tea. Read before lunch.

4th of January. Sunday.

Went to Mass with children. At 2:00 was the last tree in the arena with songs and lezginka the end.

Anya visited in the hospital; Thank God, it is better, though she feels pain throughout the body. Walked in the dark before tea. At 6 hr. took Treneva – the former Kiev General-mouth. Read the whole evening to 10 1/2 hours.

January 5th. Monday.

At 10 hr. Grigorovich accepted. In the 11th hour. went with the children to Mass at FSUs. churches. After breakfast we took a long time Goltgoera and war-Panchenko – com. 3rd baht. Life Guards Cohn. Art., Came from the war, and even flig.-ad. Mikheev. Went for a walk at 4 o’clock.

Was very busy before and after dinner.

January 6th. Epiphany.

Rarely have to spend the morning of the day at home. At 10 hr. Barca took a brief report, he went to France with an important mission. At 10.40 went with the children to church. Breakfast alone. Good walked; the weather was sunny, snow poured a lot this week. At 4 pm. Anastasia went to the hospital, went to all the wounded officers, and finally sat Ani.

After tea received Sazonov and read and wrote all night.

January 7. Wednesday.

Read up to 11 hr., And then taken to an hour. Kostya breakfast and Igor.

Walked around the whole park. Uncle Paul was drinking tea. Panteleeva accepted. In 7 1/2 went to Petrograd, and had lunch with Mom. We talked to 10 1/2; then returned to Tsarskoye Selo.

According to reports of Count Vorontsov seen that the prosecution remnants of the defeated Turkish corps ended; they are driven off far abroad.

Thus ended the famous movement inside our outside the army under the command of who imagine themselves Napoleon, Enver Pasha!

January 8th. Thursday.

Morning took Voeikov then Mamantova and Sabler. Breakfast: Boris and John (Dej.). Ignatieff took the cat. will be appointed manager of the Ministry of National Education. Walked and went to the hospital with Marie. Anya visited Nizhny Novgorod and several wounded. Returned home in 5 1/2 hours. Took after tea Maklakova. John dined. Engaged in the evening.

January 9. Friday.

Sunny cold day. In the 11th hour. at the corner of the living room, a meeting of the Council of Ministers. Stood at 12.45. Breakfast Sandro Leuchtenberg. Nice and long walk. In 4 1/2 adopted Botkin – a retired sailor. Andrey drinking tea. After lunch we went to Gregory of Ani and stayed for tea.

10th of January. Saturday.

Walked a quarter of an hour. Took Suhomlinova and c. Nirod. Breakfast and lunch Mordvinians (Dej.). After a day of walking with children visited the infirmary large court, in the top floor of a cat. are injured lower ranks. Today, there were 194 people. I walked all and gave a lot of medals.

Returned home to 5.45. Read before lunch.

11th of January. Sunday.

At 10 hr. adopted c. Ignatieff on his appointment. Went with the children to church. Breakfast and lunch Sablin (Dej.). Walked with him and went to the hospital to Anya and officers.

Back in 5 1/2 hours. The weather was quiet – 2 ° below zero. After tea, took the good old Goremykina. Read in the evening.

12th of January. Monday.

From the 10th hour. accepted: Avelan, Nil, Neydgarta, Lopuchin – Vologda Province. CHelnokova – Moscow head, reports Grigorovich and Krivosheina.

Breakfast and lunch Dm. Sheremet (Dej.). Walked. In 4 hours. Went to the Big ET. and visited the wounded officers lying there. After tea, quietly reading. In the evening, we stopped briefly to Ana; she suffered pain in his leg.

January 13th. Tuesday.

In the morning, walked a short time; The weather was mild and quiet – 3 ° below zero. Suhomlinova and then took the Rhine. After breakfast we walked along with Alix – she was riding in the sled. Long worked with Alex in the snow near his house and a permanent place of fire. At 6 hr. I had Sazonov. The whole evening was engaged.

14th of January. Wednesday.

In the morning I sat Alec, who returned from the Caucasus. From 11:00. Used adjutants general and suites General-majors, cat. traveled to various army to distribute the George Cross. Walked by day and worked with Alex. Read until 8:00. Xenia dined. She brought two books Engl. magazine with very interesting articles from the diary of a c. Schwerin outlining the events before and after the war it started; interrupted his suicide.

January 15th. Thursday.

After the market has had time to take a walk. Prior to the reports received Ozerov – also after the trip. Afternoon did a walk with Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia, and then worked with Alex. Engaged before lunch. In the evening visited Anna and officers in the hospital.

16th of January. Friday.

During the night a huge amount of snow fell. Prior to reporting long walk. Instead Barca took Kharitonov. Afternoon remained two hours on the air blessed by working in the snow before nightfall.

In 7 1/2 went to the city. Dined at Mom with Xenia. Returned to Tsarskoye S. 11 1/2 to late tea.

17th of January. Saturday.

The day was quite ordinary. Breakfast: Fredericks and Mordvinians (Dej.). Long walked and worked with Alex on the construction of a large tower. Was at the vigil with children. After lunch, read a long time and then visited Anna and officers in the hospital.

18th of January. Sunday.

Alec came in the morning, but was short-lived; he went to the GHQ. The whole family were in the cathedral at Mass. Walked with her daughters and then a lot of work at the tower. Weather quiet – 7 ° below zero. After tea received Goremykina. The evening spent together at home.

19th of January. Monday.

After reading many packages had to walk. Took Grigorovich Krivosheina and Markov. Breakfast: Cyril and Sablin (Dej.).

Made him walk and then went to the hospital and visited Anna and officers. The wounded are now busy collecting different puzzles wards. I finished all the papers before 8:00. Dined and spent the evening  Sablin.

January 20th. Tuesday.

Frost has increased and reached 12 °. In the morning I had Komarov and Voeikov. Then Sukhomlinov and Maklakov. Nikolai Mikhailovich breakfast. Walked one. At 6 hr. I had Sazonov. In the evening, we were visited by Gregory. Worked until 11:00.

21 January. Wednesday.

Walked a quarter of an hour. To 12 1/4 shall then report was Shcheglovitov. After breakfast we went to Petrograd. Visited Sergei cat. recovering from severe rheumatism. Then he saw George; gave him the order to go to the Caucasus and the army. Marble drove into bits. to r., Olga and bones. Drinking tea from Mom. Returned to Tsarskoye Selo to 7:00. After dinner we went to the hospital together, Anya better. Good-bye to her and the wounded officers. Read. Packed his small belongings for a new trip.

22 January. Thursday.

In 9 1/2 went to the prayer service; said goodbye to his family and the way in 10:00. set sail. The day was sunny, frosty. Often get off. I read a lot. Played dominoes.

January 23. Friday.

In 12 1/2 arrived at GHQ.

Breakfast with Nikolasha Cyril Petya gene. Ivanov and others. Did a nice walk through the snow-covered circular driveway. After tea received Veselkin who came from Serbia. In the evening there was a general report on the war.

Read a paper before teatime.

24th of January. Saturday.

I woke up at 8 1/2. Went to the usual [report] at 10 am. in the house. Engaged in their writing and Alix. Breakfast at 12 1/2. Long took Engalycheva, who came from Warsaw to different cases.

Did walk on the other side of the forest. Frost was small – 8 °, but blew very sharp unpleasant wind. At 6 hr. went to vespers. After lunch, read and then played dominoes.

25th of January. Sunday.

At 10 hr. was in the house on the report, and then went to mass. Straight from the church went to the site where was built calm Life Cossack regiment. Handed out awards to officers and crosses distinguished Cossacks.

After breakfast we went to Nikolasha. Made a one-hour walk through the forest along the familiar road. In 5 1/2 went to the cinema – saw interesting pictures. After lunch and talked to Nikolasha Yanushkevich. Then read. Went early.

January 26th. Monday.

At 9:00. arrived in Rivne. Olga entered the carriage. Let’s go together in her hospital. He was full of wounded – 220 people. Visited the premises and sisters in her room. Breakfast on the train in an hour. The weather was sunny, we left the city, and from there a good way to come back to the station. After tea, sat together before my departure to 7:00. In the evening, played dominoes.

27th of January. Tuesday.

At 9:00. wonderful frosty morning arrived in Kiev. after the usual meeting time on the station went to the Cathedral of St. Sophia, and then to the Pokrovsky monastery. In the church, I was greeted by Milica and Stana, who showed great arranged a hospital for the wounded to hospitals, Aunt Sasha. From there, visited the hospital for 85 officers in the house of the nobility. Returned to an hour on the train. After breakfast we drove to the 1st Kiev military school, then to the surgical department of the military hospital, and finally to the police and Stan, cat. give me some tea. Examined the distribution and nutritious item content in a railroad station by all employees of Southwest Road. In the morning came the hospital train, so you can actually see how it all works correctly. When leaving the station gathered cadets and Ensigns new accelerated courses, the American Red Detachment. Cross, Milica and Stana and many ladies. Left for 8 hours. Instead of 7:00. very pleased Kiev. In the evening, played with dice.

28th of January. Wednesday.

At 9:00. came in pretty Poltava. After the meeting went through the city to the cathedral. The weather was cold with the wind. Visited the hospital, arranged by Cossacks and peasants of Poltava province in the building Kupech. club, then a hospital in the home of the nobility and the Cadet Corps. Recalled stay in 1909. He returned to train at one o’clock. After breakfast with senior chiefs continued their journey south.

29th of January. Thursday.

Arose after Art. Alma; It was strange to see the snow on these familiar places. Arrived in Sevastopol at 10 am. Going round the array is on the wharf, sat in the steam boat and went to the squadron. Visited the flagship “Eustace” and the cruiser “Cahul”. Passing by other ships, all thanks to a team of military service.

Also drove in the Marine Hospital, where the wounded were still 4 sailor. Returned to train to 12 1/2 hours. Breakfasted higher ranks and marine Grigorovich. At 3 o’clock moved across the bay and went to marine barracks; made a show of young sailors – 3200 h. Excellent cheerful look. Then held in the school building yungov and the monument of Admiral Lazarev, where he returned to the boat. After tea received adm. Eberhard and Grigorovich. Dined admirals and commanders of ships 1st rank. Walked for half an hour on the pier. Day and night were very quiet.

30th of January. Friday.

Got up at 8 o’clock. wonderful sunny morning. In 9 1/2 went on a boat on the north side to Ing. marina and the motor has traveled all batteries sowing. department, since the end of Defense seaside front with the number of the 16th, which was subjected to the first fire “Gebena.”

I walked all the fortifications on foot and thanked officers and lower. ranks.

Seen as a squadron went out to sea in a new campaign to Trebizond.

Visited a small hospital, where there were two more wounded gunners. Returned to train at 12 1/2. Breakfast with land authorities.

In 2 1/4 drove through the city and in the same way the battery inspected the southern front. Finished viewing the newest baht. Number 20th, cat. bordered by the number 21 th about Balaklava. There was cold sweat. that a fresh breeze from the sea. Just returned to Sevastopol. Tfekrasnoe visited institution – Romanovsky Institute of any treatment, which is used by many wounded officers. Drove to St. Vladimir’s Cathedral in Red infirmary. Cross. Returned about 6 1/2 to the pier, from a cat. there was a big new submarine “Nerpa” just came from Yalta. Said goodbye to everyone and in 7 1/2 moved back. The night was warm. Was very pleased with the views and sea forces garrison commands.

January 31. Saturday.

Got up at 8 o’clock., Driving Sinelnikovo. There was a slight frost with fog, cat. later cleared. At 9:00. LOTS came to – for the first time. At the station gene. Nikitin and bosses, and within military and civilian officials and deputations. As in other cities, there were many donations for the war. Cathedral drove 5 miles wide boulevards and streets. Visited the hospital in a noble house, the former palace of Potemkin, hospital name Alexis and local history and nature. Museum. Breakfast with higher. ranks. The train came to Bryansk the Alexander South Russian factories cat. I looked slowly and with great care; saw action blast furnaces and the production of rails, steel plates, armor and wire. 9500 working people. – All made from our materials and generally makes an excellent impression. In 5 1/2 went through LOTS Sinelnikovo to the north. Order in the city and the factory was exemplary.