European monarchy: Frederick II The Monarchist

Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden (9 July 1857 in Karlsruhe – 8 August/9 August 1928 in Badenweiler) was the last Grand Duke of Baden.

He became Grand Duke on 28 September 1907, after the death of his father Frederick I. He abdicated on 22 November 1918, amidst the tumults of the German Revolution of 1918–19 which resulted in the abolition of the Grand Duchy. As a student at the University of Heidelberg, Frederick was a member of the Suevia Corps, a student organization.

After the death of his cousin Carola of Vasa, he became the representative of the descent of the Kings of Sweden of the House of Holstein-Gottorp.

On 20 September 1885 in Schloss Hohenburg he married Princess Hilda of Luxembourg, an only daughter of Grand Duke Adolf. There was no surviving issue from the marriage.

He was a la suite the Royal Prussian Regiments Erstes Garde-Regiment zu Fu? (1st Guard Foot Regiment) and 1. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment and a la suite the Imperial 1stSeebataillon.

The state of Baden originated from the area of the Grand Duchy. In 1951/52 it became part of the new state of Baden-Wurttemberg.