Imperial life. Events and news of the Imperial Throne which occurred this summer The Monarchist

The summer of 2015 came to an end. Time of leading of intermediate results. In the Sovereign state of the Imperial Throne life doesn’t stand still. In three summer months the Government of the Imperial Throne held many events. It is widely lit “Law on the nobility” which acceptance was followed by heated discussions in the Senate and the Government. It and international meetings of a different format and level of interlocutors. These are interesting meetings of the Government during which plans for development of new territories were opened. And not only Imperor reports about it in the new publication.

International life of the Imperial Throne

Imperial life. Events and news of the Imperial Throne which occurred this summer The Monarchist   A number of meetings archchancellor of the Imperial Throne A. A. Bakov was devoted to adjustment of business and political connections with the Republic Serbia what Imperor wrote about. These contacts became continuation of the Balkan plans of Anton Alekseevich – broad cooperation on the Balkans for the purpose of an exit to the political and interstate level of communication of the Imperial Throne with Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia. Communication with Serbia is especially important for Imperial throne and for archchancellor because  today Serbia is the only heir of the Byzantine Empire in every sense – cultural, spiritual, historical she reminds Luxembourg which is also the part of the Sacred Roman Empire which didn’t change over time. Anton Alekseevich Bakov has an opportunity to revive in Serbia these historical layers of continuity of the Great Orthodox Empire. There is an idea which will be able to acquire technology subsequently. The movement of Serbia in the EU – not that way on which the country with such great history and culture has to follow a country.

It is necessary to mention plans of the Imperial Throne for development of the Caribbean region. Similar discussions were conducted at meetings of the Government and were supported by most of ministers. Purpose is conclusion of investment agreements with these states about a land acquisition and construction, purchase of the whole islands, and also recognition of these territories by the associated members of the Imperial Throne. These plans concern Dominica, Palau, the Marshall Islands.

“Law on the nobility”, standard and legal base of the Imperial Throne

Imperial life. Events and news of the Imperial Throne which occurred this summer The Monarchist   Archchancellor of the Imperial Throne A.A.Bakov

On June 5 this year the most important document of internal standard and legal regulation – “The law on the nobility” was accepted. In opening speech A.A. Bakov captured the ideological essence of monarchism today, archchancellor explained a contradiction of today’s forms of government, and also feature of a social inequality. Also he noted a failure of business of the western educators — Diderot, Russo, Voltaire and degeneration of the western democracy, pernicious for society. Also the Russian reality didn’t remain unaddressed. Anton Alekseevich frankly called the reasons of many Russian problems — destruction of the Russian aristocracy, violation of virtues and honor from imperious elite.

The law of similar scale prepares and on the international subject with the purpose to unify the international relations, and also to develop forms of the documents applied by the Imperial Throne.

Latest news and plans for the future.

Imperial life. Events and news of the Imperial Throne which occurred this summer The Monarchist   Anastasia Bakova

The release of the feature film of “Gelya” with Anastasia Bakova in a leading role became a pleasant event. Ministers of the Imperial Throne, of course, Ertskantsler Anton Alekseevich Bakov gathered for premier display in Yekaterinburg.

In the last month of summer archchancellor A.A. Bakov is in holiday and he is replaced by the minister Mikhail Strass. He partially fulfills archchancellor’s duties and holds thematic meetings, the concerning questions of the current work of the government.

A number of meetings of the Government was held by the minister of investments Ilya Bakov. He designated investment priorities of the Government, and also reported following the results of work of his ministry which is the most important department of the Imperial Throne.

In September Anton Alekseevich’s work in a new meeting of the Government of the Imperial Throne and the Yekaterinburg Senate, continuation of active work of all directions of domestic and foreign policy about what we will report in the next publications is expected.