Anton Bakov in the service of the Emperor The Monarchist

It so happened that the backbone of the new Imperial Court and the Government in the XXI century immigrants accounted Yekaterinburg. Today, the main issue for the monarchists is the international recognition of the rights of the Emperor Nicholas III, the great-great grandson Alexander II the Liberator.

In the near future the Imperial throne intends to achieve indisputable sovereignty in international relations. Corresponding negotiations are currently under way of Archchancellor Imperial throne Anton Bakov and the authorities of the Republic of Montenegro.

Imperial Land

Chairman Monarchist Party of Russia, Archchancellor and Prime Minister of the Imperial throne of sovereign states Anton Bakov offered the Montenegrin authorities to sign a treaty that would recognize the sovereignty of the Imperial throne in the field of international relations and finally legalized the Emperor as the head of the Imperial throne.

The fact is that in June 2013 monarchist party nominated pretender to the throne descendant of Russian Emperor Alexander II Romanov German prince Karl Emikh Leiningen.

Right to the imperial throne Prince Leiningen acquired after the transition from Lutheranism to Orthodoxy and his wife, Ekaterina Fyodorovna, June 1, 2013. March 31, 2014 Nikolai Kirillovich, Prince Leiningen, unlike her aunt Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, decided to accede to the throne under the name of Nicholas III and gave the throne of the Constitution of the Sovereign State of the imperial throne. Rights Emperor Nicholas III are based on strict compliance with the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire, which link is the principle of succession with kinship and religion.

Anton Bakov in the service of the Emperor The Monarchist   Nikolai Kirillovich with his wife Ekaterina Fyodorovna.

From the point of view of international law, by analogy with the state of the Holy see (Vatican city), the Imperial throne is the bearer of state sovereignty in nature. Of course, this is not the throne of the Republican Russian Federation, but it is the oldest extraterritorial state status.

On the basis of the legal status of the Emperor was proclaimed a Sovereign State on the Imperial Throne. While at present the number of subjects of the Imperial throne are over four thousand people, which is four times the number of citizens of the Holy see. But according to modern standards, it is also necessary to have a diplomatic recognition by other States.

“In order for that, our Imperial throne has received an international recognition, we need at least a small area, the legal regime should be established by an international agreement with a recognized state”

– said addressing to the Montenegrin authorities. Such States exist in Europe: this is related to the agreement with Italy, the Holy see (the area of 44 hectares), San Marino and Malta, Monaco (150 hectares) in France, and it is also associated with Spain and France, Andorra. These mini-States have no army, police and customs, but attract investors and tourists.

Anton Bakov in the service of the Emperor The Monarchist   Anton Bakov with the Minister of tourism of Montenegro by Branimir Gvozdenovic.

“Currently, we have bought a plot of land in Montenegro near the town of Niksic (the second largest city of Montenegro), twice the area of the Vatican – 100 hectares of Land is intended to be the residence of the Emperor and the Imperial Senate (Domain Constantinople), international tourism, cultural and financial center. The level of investment is expected to exceed 4 billion euros. Choosing to negotiate Montenegro, we assumed that the acquisition of Montenegro’s independence in 1878 was connected with the policy of the Emperor Alexander II, great great-grandfather Emperor Nicholas III. We believe that a great financial investment, new areas and tourist markets will contribute to the harmonious development of modern prosperous Montenegro”.

– was addressing to the Montenegrin authorities.

Development of the site is going to be done  without cost from Montenegro. Domain Tsargrad hotel is a 40 minutes drive from the international airport of Podgorica, which is connected by road E-762. A 5-minute drive from Constantinople are Niksic, as well as the famous Slanske lake. Along the Northern boundary of the Domain the river Zeta, downstream HPP is Perucica, with a capacity of 507 mW, fully satisfying the needs of the Domain of electricity.

The nearest train station is 1 km away from the territory of Constantinople. The availability of the Adriatic beaches of Montenegro is only 40 minutes. 3 km by paved road from the Domain is the monastery of John the Baptist, and 5 km from the famous Jail, which holds the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog. With Niksic Domain is associated famous Royal bridge over the river Zeta, a gift of the Emperor Alexander III to Montenegro and Montenegrins.

“It is symbolic that the area of the Domain Constantinople was acquired after 1700 years after the formation of the Christian Imperial throne by Saint Constantine the Great and is just 30 km from the place of birth of the first Roman Emperor Diocletian”

– says Anton Bakov.

Anton Bakov in the service of the Emperor The Monarchist   The area where is located the residence of the Emperor and the Imperial Senate (Domain Constantinople).

The domain is situated on seven hills, named after the hills of Ancient Rome. 150 years on these lands was the border of Turkish and Montenegrin possessions. There is still preserved the ruins of the castle of General Nikcevich, whose descendants kindly sold these lands to the Imperial Chancellery.

Historical sovereignty

An agreement between Montenegro and the Imperial throne elaborated and submitted to the authorities of the Republic. It reflects both rights of both parties and their responsibilities. Under the proposed agreement, Montenegro recognizes the sovereignty of the Imperial throne in the field of international law.

With his hand on the Imperial throne acknowledges that in accordance with article 3 of the Constitution of Montenegro territory Domain Constantinople is part of the territory of Montenegro in terms of defence and security, customs zone and a single ecological zone. In all other cases, to the Imperial throne belongs  full ownership and sovereign jurisdiction over the Domain Constantinople.

Anton Bakov in the service of the Emperor The Monarchist   Artscenter Russian Imperial throne ensures the development of Domain Constantinople without spending the government of Montenegro.

The parties also agreed to establish a more normal diplomatic relations by the accreditation Montenegrin Ambassador to the Imperial throne and the Imperial Ambassador in Montenegro.

The Imperial throne with his hand ensures that its policy will meet the fundamental interests of Montenegro in the political and economic sphere and in the sphere of protection and security. In addition, the Domain Constantinople will always and under all conditions be considered the territory of a neutral, demilitarized and inviolable. The area of the Domain Constantinople included  the Montenegrin customs zone.

Therefore, during the term of the agreement, both parties have no right to recover fees and Declaration of restrictions and prohibitions on imports and exports at the border of the Domain.

“The Imperial throne recognizes and appreciates the efforts of Montenegro on preservation of the environment and undertakes to abandon industrial production in the Domain Constantinople, and ensures the implementation of environmental legislation of Montenegro in the public Domain”

– stated in the contract.

It is expected that no later than one month after signing the contract will be submitted for ratification to the Parliament of Montenegro and the Ruling Senate of the Imperial throne, and will enter into force after the exchange of ratifications.