Former Queen of Spain Sophia Greek The Monarchist

“If he has the virtue, he is the happy”


Queen Sophia Greek is always easily recognized by the wide smile and kind eyes. The former Queen of Spain and today appears frequently at events and leads an active social policy. Below are some interesting facts about the life of Queen Sophia Greek.

1. Dona Sofia of Greece and Denmark was born in Athens in the family of Prince Paul’s Greek and his wife Frederica (they ruled Greece for 17 years – from 1947 to 1964) on 2 November 1938. At the birth of the future Queen of Spain was named Sophia Margarita Victoria Federica Schleswig-Holstein-sonderburg-glucksburg. She has an older brother Constantine II, who was the last reigning Orthodox monarch in history, and a younger sister Irina Greek.

2. The Sophia is quite rich pedigree: besides the fact that she is the daughter of former monarchs of Greece, she is also the granddaughter of a Russian Princess Olga Konstantinovna, who is married to a Greek king George I and received from the Greeks title “Basilissa tone of Ellinon”, which means “Queen of the Hellenes“. Sofia is also a member of the house of Schleswig-Holstein-sonderburg-glucksburg, which shows that it belongs to the monarchs of Denmark. Among the ancestors of the former Queen of Spain are also the German princes, and English monarchs.

3. Part of the childhood of Princess Sophia Greek were the years of the Second World War, at that time she lived with the family in Egypt in exile. It was there that she received her primary education at an educational institution for girls “El Nasr” girls ‘ College was originally known as the English girls ‘ College) in Alexandria. Then they went to South Africa and only in 1946, he returned to Greece.

Former Queen of Spain Sophia Greek The Monarchist   Sofia knows not only the Spanish and their native Greek language, but also easily communicate in Italian, French, German, Portuguese and English.

His education Sofia completed in a prestigious boarding school Schloss Salem in southern Germany, and then again in Athens, studied music, archaeology, and learned about child care. The latter allowed her some time to work as a nurse in a maternity home Mitera, which was founded by Queen Frederica.

She also studied at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University. Along with his brother Constantine, Sofia as a reserve member of the team Greek masters sailing participated in the summer Olympic Games of 1960. By the way, the team has received for her performance gold medal.

Former Queen of Spain Sophia Greek The Monarchist   In order to comply with the Spanish Royal family, Sofia had from Orthodoxy to switch to Catholicism, thus she has waived any rights to the Greek throne.

4. Sofia and Juan Carlos has three children: Infanta Elena, Duchess de Lugo, Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Majorca, and the youngest child is the son of Felipp, the current king of Spain. All three are actively involved in community activities, and Cristina and Felipe even managed, like a mother, to Express themselves in sailing and to participate in the Olympic games in this direction.

5. During the reign of Juan Carlos responsibilities Sofia was accompanied by his official visits and events. In addition, she is President of the “Foundation Reina Sofia (Queen Sofia Foundation), which in 1993 was sent humanitarian aid in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is also honorary Chairman of the Foundation against drug addiction, the Royal Board of Trustees for the education and support of persons with disabilities, the Higher the Royal music school. Reina Sofia and other educational and charitable organizations.

6. Sofia actively supports sport and was even present at the stands in the final match of the Championships, Wimbledon 2010, the winner was the second time in his career Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. In the same year, Sofia visited the world Cup, where Spain became the undisputed winner, and later Queen – a kind of “lucky charm” for these competitions.

Former Queen of Spain Sophia Greek The Monarchist   The main merit of the Sofia national love of the Spaniards. The inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula with warmth called her “the Queen with a broad smile,” so 2 November every year, the people gladly raise a glass of wine for the health of his beloved Queen.

7. Sofia said to be highly educated and passionate about human culture. She is the author of two books on Greek archaeology, is well versed in painting itself and draw well. Former Queen loves music, as a child she even sang in the choir and thanks to her ensemble “Moscow Virtuosi”, headed by Vladimir Spivakov, at one time received an invitation to work in Spain.

In the circle of friends of the Queen is an Opera singer Placido Domingo, as previously Sofia talked with Soviet Opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya and cellist, pianist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich. At the invitation of Rostropovich Dona Sofia in November 1995 attended the premiere of Khovanshchina, and put them in a Large theater. Sofia is an honorary academician of the Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando Royal Academy of history. She has received honorary doctorates from several universities, including Valladolid, Cambridge, Oxford, Georgetown, and New York.

Former Queen of Spain Sophia Greek The Monarchist   Became Queen, Sofia received the “white privilege” is to wear a dress in white before the Pope. All the others, without the involvement of the Royal title, are required to wear black.

8. In March 2013 for the first time in the modern history of Spain the then current king Juan Carlos I decided to appoint an official salary Sophia and Leticia. It was reported that the Queen fee will amount to 63 thousand euros per year, and the official representative of the Madrid court stressed that Her Highness will certainly pay taxes.

9. In the annual ranking of the magazine Madrid a week for over five years Sophia Greek called the most beloved and respected by the Spanish in the world. Also one of the glossy magazines in November last year awarded her the title of “sexiest Queen of the world”, and immediately after the announcement of the results of the rating it has become the most discussed person on Twitter in Spain. Internet users then said that the Queen “undeniably beautiful”, and besides, she was able to build a career without the help of appearance.”

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