January 14 day history The Monarchist

January 14, 1827 was born Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, Russian geographer and social activist, vice-chairman of the Russian Geographical Society.

Vice-Chairman of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (since 1873) and President of the Russian Entomological Society (1889). Honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1873) and the Academy of Fine Arts (1874). Senator 2nd (peasant) Department of the Senate (1882). Member of the State Council (c 1897). Member of the Russian Mining Society (1900). Full member of Russian universities. Honorary member of the Vitebsk province of a scientific archive committee.

In 1856-1857 years studied the Tien Shan. Initiated a series of expeditions to Central Asia. In 1859-1860 participated in as a member of an expert and business manager of the Drafting Committee for the preparation of the peasant reform of 1861. The organizer of the first census of the population of Russia in 1897.