March 6th day in history The Monarchist

In the manifesto of Peter III said:

“… In following Our philanthropy and charity, and applying the extreme diligence of not only innocent of arrests, and sometimes torture to protect the most; but more so, and the most evil ruler to stop the path to the product of their hatred, vengeance and slander, and apply methods to correct them … now the Secret Affairs Office of the investigation should not have, and onaya destroyed … “. The Office transferred the case to the Senate.

Secret Office was created by Peter I in 1718 for the investigation of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich. In the early years of the agency existed in parallel with the order of the Transfiguration, perform similar functions, then the two institutions merged into one. Guide Secret Chancellery, as well as the order of the Transfiguration, was carried out by Peter I, which is often present at the interrogation and torture of political prisoners.

The practice of informing and prosecution of anyone in a state crime, is extremely common since the Empress Anna Ivanovna, offers great opportunities for information, personal accounts and extra-judicial arbitrariness. Pronouncing someone expression “word and deed” entailed arrests and torture, under which it was hard not to admit any “malicious”.

According to the manifesto of the destruction of the Secret Chancellery expression “word and deed” was forbidden to use, “but is there anyone who will use from now signified, drunkenness, or fight, or avoiding beatings and punishment, such punishment as the police and punished with pozornik beschinniki.” “Word and Deed” shout out of ignorance or without malice, were left without consequences, and “false and is fully expose donositeli were under the law punished, so that their example other corrected.”

Anyone who wanted to bring about the “intentional” in the health and honor of the emperor or of rebellion and treason, was to appear in court soon place or to the nearest military commander and lodge a denunciation in writing; criminals could not be donositeli on any matters.