Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

On November 20th Maya Plisetskaya would have turned 90 years old. She has not lived up a half of the year to her anniversary. All the soul she put into his own work, self-improvement and hardening of impeccable style. Today we remember the famous ballerina, a person who admires more than one generation.

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

Much of the fate of the Maya Plisetskaya has developed not because of her, but in spite of her. She said that life has always been a struggle for her. Her ballets led leaders of foreign powers. She danced “Swan Lake” 8 times, three thousand died of her swan. By making curtsy, Plisetskaya remained calm and smooth, without subservience to the powerful of this world.

“She was used on stage to do what it sees fit, and to defend it – in the interpretation of the image, and in the choice of topics,” – said the People’s Artist of Russia Boris Messerer.

She rebelled, she wanted passion. Roland Petit put on Plisetskaya “Death of Roses.” Recognition of French choreographer she accepted with dignity, like a king. Heroines of Plisetskaya do not disturb the usual for that time erotic. Her Juliet was full of fire and desire. Of course, Plisetskaya forbidden her to dance

Actress blood

Maya Plisetskaya was born into an artistic family. Her mother, Rachel starred in the films of silent movies – the name Ra Messerer. Uncle and Aunt from maternal line, Asaf Messerer and Shulamith, were artists of the Bolshoi Theater. Other aunt and uncle, Azar and Elizabeth, served in the Drama Theatre.

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

Plisetskaya as a child dreamed of becoming a stage actress. But when she was nine she was fascinated by ballet. The debut issue of a ballerina, “The Dying Swan” Shulamith delivered her a famet. The first performances she had  with the troupe Messerer.

“The Dying Swan” – the symbol of a ballerina

“The Dying Swan”, which started the career of Pliseykoy became the symbol of happy. And yet – a limitless field for improvisation. Prima sang it to the accompaniment of violin, cello Rostropovich, Montserrat Caballe singing.

According to estimates Plisetskaya, she danced “The Dying Swan” 800 times

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

Travel Abroad of the ballerina

Life Plisetskaya fell on difficult twentieth century. Her father Michael Emmanuilovich was shot in 1937 on suspicion of espionage. Her mother was sentenced to eight years in prison as the wife of an enemy of the people. Release it only in 1941, to mitigate to another country.

The very long time ballerina did not go out of the country. Only in 1956, after the Twentieth Party Congress and the debunking of the Stalin cult Plisetskaya planned to delegate to London. Check it at the last moment banned. Then Plisetskaya in the form of an ultimatum was refused to go: she would go to London alone with her brother, another tour will not take place. Ultimatum caused power just an annoyance.

Plisetskaya suspected KGB spy, watching a ballet dancer and she was forbidden to travel abroad for fear that she would not return. Allegedly in the mid-50s there was an affair with Plisetskaya’s second secretary of the British Embassy John Morgan.

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

In her book Plisetskaya confirmed that the surveillance was there, but Morgan was not interested in it.

“I had a Morgan visiting only twice. That night, and three days later. Both short-term visit, I was at home not alone. There are witnesses to the fact. Live, in sound mind and memory. We almost never spoke about London tour . Morgan reassured me.

But the consequences of our meetings were sad detective. Behind me they began to follow the car KGB operative. Twenty-four hours a day.

There were  always three riders. Silhouettes at sunset Moscow autumn sun – at a glance. Where am I – there and good fellows. I went to the grocery store Eliseev, in the workshops, the exhibition – to slow down in the distance. Waits. I go out, I sit in the taxi or a lift – I see in the mirror: keep their distance, but out of sight for a moment do not let go. Before the house is carried out. Again, stand, stand for hours. In the distance, but the window – it is clear. On duty. Dashing conspirators.

At first elements I decided that new fans showed up. Alarmed. No robbers over there ? But the same Gregory Levitin, subtracts the number of machines, once confidently identified. This is a machine of the KGB. “Take that, Grandma, and St. George’s Day …”.

Morgan disappeared. No more calls in receptions are not shown. I left or forced. Got cold feet is not a joke. He burned. Really scary.

Only eight years later, when I began visiting on tour in London, we saw each other secretly with Morgan. Do not perk up the ears of the reader. Secret from the KGB, and not from the rosy-cheeked ironed Mrs Morgan with three people, to lick, shaved, well-kept house with a lawn on the outskirts of London. It turned out – drove up to my Schepkinskoe, Morgan left his car at the Maly Theater. Sufficiently far from my house. This conspiracy, no doubt, then made a great confusion in the ranks of the KGB. And finally I ruined me. The conclusion is clear – a passionate love and Plisetskaya is in England. He asks for political asylum. Or – espionage: Plisetskaya – a new Mata Hari …

And suddenly out of the blue. With a bang shoot Serov. I miss the bus, heart of oak, Spy Penkovsky, who discovered all opponents of Soviet rocket fuel. Instead of spying on a spy-hardened colonel doggedly chasing thugs KGB my ballet worthless pursuit. Attendants parasites three times a day to me! Where’s your sense of smell ofbastard ?!”

Only in the period of perestroika Plisetskaya was able to travel freely from the USSR. It has been repeatedly recognized in their love for Europe, Europeans felt the spirit.

Love forever

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin – a rare example of a happy marriage of creative people. Shchedrin confessed that it’s difficult to be a husband for  Plisetskaya- have to comply. The couple had no children. “Families with children have  many of them and Plisetskaya is one!” – Liked to joke dancer.

Shchedrin said that they were in all these years had never quarreled. The uniqueness of this case is that two grand creative people helped each other not only in life but also in the works. What Shchedrin wrote her ballets, it has extended its creative life  of 25 years. On the contrary, its participation in the ballets Shchedrin helped their success. The unique interaction makes this a fantastic couple really happy.

“Ave Maya”

She did not live up to this anniversary, noting that wanted to shine in full force. More spring with the Bolshoi Theatre was planning a holiday, it was the program of the gala concert. Fate decreed otherwise. In memory of the dancer on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theatre on November 20-21 it’s gonna be a gala concert “Ave Maya”.

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist

The concert – three branches. The leading ballerina of the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky Ballet will perform pieces from the repertoire of Maya Plisetskaya, as well as excerpts from the works created especially for the great ballerina – “The Death of the Rose”, “Bolero,” “Carmen Suite”. The screen will show the film and video performances of Maya Mikhailovna. Excerpts from the autobiography of Plisetskaya will present “Reading her life …”.

Whot was Maya Plisetskaya in life and on stage will tell the two exhibitions, which opened in the old and new building of the Bolshoi Theater. Creative way of ballerina – from the first to the roles of performances, anniversary parties in recent years – can be seen in costume and photos showing scenes of triumph Plisetskaya at the best theaters in the world.

The great choreographer did not only give her the right to dance the “Bolero” by Maurice Bejart dedicated to her “Ave Maya”. Ballerina danced this delightful room on its 70th anniversary. She seemed to know the secret of eternal youth, which opens only to the elite.

Maya Plisetskaya. Jubilee without the artists The Monarchist