Modern monarchy is this possible? The Monarchist

In Madrid, the new king of Spain Felipe of Bourbon, had already tasted the fruits of the monarchy. 46 years for the king is young and a good start. After a well-deserved rest his forsaken from the father’s throne Juan Carlos I. Felipe brings some cosmetic changes in the management style of his Kingdom. Who is he, this relatively young king European powers?

The advantage before the father

Felipe – no one in the Royal family. Occupying the third position of seniority after sisters Elena and Cristina, he received all the necessary Royal education. Unlike his father he was a child absorbed the knowledge of diplomacy and military art. Educators were concerned that he learned the world and learned foreign languages.

Already nine years old, he speaks fluent English and French, utters a speech in the official languages of Spain: Basque, Catalan and Galician. He graduated from Washington University Georgetown international relations. In General, all the doors were open before him.

In addition to the art of diplomacy, he breezed through three military academies: land, sea and air. Former Prince took possession of the strategy and security and passed the exam on the captain of the frigate.

Modern monarchy is this possible? The Monarchist   Unlike his father, Felipe was raised by a monarch since childhood.

Felipe was always to himself demanding in everything: in sports, he also set the bar very high. Felipe VI , despite the hot climate of Spain is an excellent skier and tennis player. Champion, probably his second name.

He participated in the Olympic sailing team and team took 6th place at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Key detail: the past in Spain games, the heir to the throne, marched with the national flag at the head of his team, thereby setting an example not only to all his subjects, but also for the promotion of the brand monarchist Spain on a global scale.

Before the ascent to the throne Felipe of Bourbon was headed by three charitable Foundation, participated every year in 320 official events !. In football, he hurts not “real”, as his father, and for the current champion of Spain – Atletico Madrid.

Judging by the leaks from the inner circle of the king , the nature Felipe is very quiet . He is polite, considerate of others, in one word, attentive gentleman. This does not prevent him to be extremely correct, but always keeps his distance. The latter is distinguished from the father, which, as they say “open world”. Talent to have, apparently not passed on from father to son, probably not reached and remained daughters.

The guy from the cover of a magazine

Felipe Bourbon tall and strong guy. Certainly in his youth was surrounded by girls from higher Madrid society. And not only Madrid, because the Prince spent several years as a student abroad, when studied in Canada and the United States.

You can imagine how difficult it was for him to find a regular happiness in his personal life. Going on the dance floor it was immediately noticed. Still, tall, handsome, athletic build, just star walked off the cover of a fashion magazine. Girls literally wanted a piece of this “journal”.

Perhaps this Prince had fun on foreign parties. The entire list of brides, offered him the choice was politely royally rejected. Felipe wanted to marry for love. “If the Kingdom is the Prince, you must be the Princess!” reasoned sisters Felipe. According to witnesses, he saw his love in the TV. It was theodosa news – Leticia Ortiz.

Modern monarchy is this possible? The Monarchist   His Queen Felipe saw on TV.

The wife of an ordinary family, the daughter of journalist and nurses, it is complementary to it. Overcoming resistance to family and friends Felipe changed the situation and convinced of the sincerity of the intentions of Leticia. 10 years after the fairytale wedding, the commoner becomes Queen of Spain, dona Leticia. In a recent issue of journalists Queen mother:

“What do you wish your daughter-in-law?”

-Sofia said quietly.

“Let it remain as it is. It all happens”.

Modern monarchy is this possible? The Monarchist   The king of Spain about a year urged relatives to accept Leticia.

Of course, over the years in the Royal family Leticia has been reset. The couple are happily married. Although who has no problems in family life. Happy family raising two daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

In Spain is preparing a constitutional reform that the throne would be inherited by seniority, regardless of gender. Right little Leonor on the legacy of the throne said Juan Carlos I. In a televised address to the nation he was put on the table a photograph of three generations of Bourbon: he and his son Felipe, her eldest daughter in her arms.

The Royal couple is waiting for quite a few tests sent by God. They will be role models not only for small Leonor and Sofia, but also for the whole country, which only began to emerge from a severe economic crisis.

Modern monarchy is this possible? The Monarchist   Spain needed a leader who would embody the reliability, patriotism and focus on the future.

The monarchy had already experienced no light time and it is worth Recalling that the same date – February 23, 1981, the young king Juan Carlos I addressed the nation on television on the night of the attempted coup.

He recalled that the king is the Supreme commander-in-chief, and called on the army to return to barracks. That night next to him was the family, and the young Felipe. As the guarantor of democracy, the monarch has strongly defended the Constitution and freedom, for which the Spaniards grateful to him all his life.