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The Internet has developed so widespread that passion to their own sites is not bypassed and the monarchical family. The first representatives from the Royal dynasties were the British monarchy. Its website was personally opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1997. And then came the Internet embassies and other monarchical houses, and, as the ruling and officially existing, and long ago lost any power whatsoever.

Today we decided to talk about electronic monarchy and to have a little browse of the Internet. We wanted to know, where in addition to the official sites, you can lift the curtain of interesting facts from the life of our Kings and Queens.

Its structure web-sites monarchies are quite similar – almost all have sections where you can learn about the history of the Board and it shows not only the life of today’s kings, and all their predecessors. On some sites you can find bonus: revelations of the Royal family or interesting facts. For those who are weak in history, can read about the features of their Board, or at least to clarify the reign.

All sites about the monarchy have a section of The Royal Family. This section will introduce you to the current members of the ruling house – as a rule, you can see numerous pictures, to get acquainted with the biography to learn about personal attachments and education, and sometimes here you can find information about social activities.

In the vast majority of sites and section presents The Royal Palaces. This button allows you to directly look at any of the palaces, where there is a Royal family. Thank you Royal photographers”, they took photos with excellent quality. For those who want even closer to plunge into the world of kings and Queens, the site offers to take a virtual tour through the halls of almost any Palace.

But as for other sections of the Royal sites, it is already possible differences in their title and in the content and volume of information. But usually there for more information on state activities, visits monarchs in other countries, press releases, speeches, etc.

If you show patience and look for “Royal” , you can find an unofficial page about the Royal family. On these sites you can find a lot of interesting things about the history of either monarchical home, or personal pages of some princes and princesses, which was also not a stranger to the Internet. For the curious there are also links to sites who support monarchies, and pages of people interested in the monarchy. From unofficial sites, probably the most interesting is the website of Otto Habsburg hereditary Austrian Kaiser.

On the website you can read his biography, learn all about the children and grandchildren, there are a lot of photos and videos to download or to read online texts of his speeches.

And for those who are interested in the institution of the monarchy itself, but not to certain countries, it is worth to visit the website “Welcome to”

In general, if we look at all the official monarchist sites, it is worth noting that, although they are available in many countries, but not always truly represent the interest. Many sites are made just formally and do not contain interesting and relevant information.

The Royal House of Norway

Visit the website of the Norwegian kings – look at the first page, everything is so beautiful that it makes you want to visit different links. And click on any of them – and in addition to photos, there is no interesting information, bored as at the museum.

Even the representative of the Royal house would be more useful – although there are an information  about many talents and projects of his Majesty the king to read, and admire the current Princess. Or representation Ethiopia where exciting set out religious rites and Imperial ceremonies, and news about the activities of the Emperor are updated quite regularly.

So we are in our virtual tour will visit only the most interesting web-representations of Kings and Queens.

The British Monarchy

The website of the British Royal house “The British Monarchy” has captured the Internet. It is not difficult to guess that my Google friends to this site and not only mine.

It is the official web site of the Royal family and can introduce as the history of the British monarchy, and its current status. Looking here, you will be able not only to appreciate the splendor of the crown of the British monarch, but also to get acquainted with the history of the monarchy, since 1603, and with all ruling lines, starting from the Anglo-Saxon line and ending with the Tudors, see pictures of former monarchs and read the archives.

Under the Royal Family we met with the entire Royal family by clicking on the link to the Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth. You can read about any of the representatives of the family, although more, of course, Elizabeth – the information is presented in the form of biographies, divided into chronological stages and photos. And the facts are quite interesting, for example, you can enjoy the view of the Princess Elizabeth in the uniform of the Royal grenadiers had given her for 16 years and meaning that the Princess received the rank of Colonel.

Here you will learn about the fact that the beginning of the public life of the future Queen actually began with the first delivered her speech. She was only 14 years old. Next you will read about her marriage and the subsequent 6 years of coronation and so many pages devoted to the official business of the Queen, and it is recognized that the responsibilities, that she has so many that mere mortals never dreamed of.

A lot of interesting fact are told about the principles of the British monarchy, events, involving members of the full schedule for the day, scheduled visits, etc. you Can learn about the official ceremonies and see the jewelry that should be worn in a particular case. It is interesting to look at the page dedicated to the finances of the Royal family.

If you want, here you will be able  to learn in details about all the visits of the Queen. The list of places visited by the Queen, quite wide and visits she makes a lot, at least three per month. You can find the typical work schedule of the Queen in the morning, afternoon and evening, and if you want to know what the Queen is doing today or in the coming days, look at press releases.

Under the roof of my house

But, frankly, it is much more interesting to explore the Royal castles and residences – category “Royal Residences”.

You are welcome to Buckingham Palace, Windsor castle, St. James’s Palace, Kensington and others. In detail and with numerous photographs tells the story of the creation of the Palace, there is a schedule when one or the other residence is open to visitors. Especially interesting for a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace.

It is worth noting that the British Monarchy is the only Internet monarchy, where in addition to the standard sections are very unusual. Furthermore, you can write a letter to the Queen, with all the rules of etiquette. For children created a special section, where the monarchy is told in a simple and accessible way and with numerous photographs and examples.

The website of the Swedish Royal court

Be sure to visit the official website of the Swedish monarchy. On the main page of the website there are only 7 links. But if you look at any of them, then there will be many sections with very different information.

Looking at the link The Monarchy in Sweden, not only will let you  to enjoy the Swedish crown and other regalia of the Royal power: here is a very detailed description, but also to learn about the duties of monarchs and members of the Royal house.

For historians there is a section to check your memory about the history of the Swedish monarchy, numbering over a thousand years, and to see the change on the throne Swedish dynasties. Here there are data about the current king, Carl XVI Gustaf. His dynasty ruled Sweden since 1818, its functions, and duties are defined by the Constitution.

A special page is devoted to the orders and medals, at one time or another given on behalf of the king – many of them very impressive. And in the “Calendar” section you can learn about all the trips of the current monarch abroad and all visits by senior government officials of other countries, arrived in Sweden at the Royal invitation, since 1974.

Under The Royal Family, as usual, tells about the king, his wife, Queen Silvia, and their children. Are all the details biography and their hobbies. In particular, Queen Silvia, for example, in addition to its basic formal activities associated primarily with medicine, loves to ski, to ride and enjoys gardening.

And as usual the most interesting section is The Royal Palaces, clicking on which, you will see schematic map of Sweden where there are images of all the Royal residences. There is also a section with a detailed description of the Palace, numerous photographs and data visit is possible.

The Belgian monarchy

Official web site of the Belgian monarchy in its structure does not differ from previous sites: repetition in the sections “Monarchy”, “the Royal family”, ” Royal residences”.??Looking at the first one, you will learn about the Royal duties of the current Belgian monarch albert II, his mode of Finance available to it, and get acquainted with all of its predecessors, having fully genealogical tree of all Belgian kings. You can read about all the events and holidays, one way or another connected with the monarchy. About the Royal family there is a  pretty boring story – strict biographical data and nothing more.

But skip the section on residences is not necessary, because you can see not only their pictures and descriptions, but also to make real the virtual tour, which is pretty exciting. You can walk on any of the salons or throne rooms, walk through the Museum and e-look at all previously ruled in Belgium monarchs.

The site also offers a detailed chronicle and information from the personal life of any of the ruling monarchs. And in detail describes about all the funds established by members of the Royal family and all their donations and initiatives.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Internet

Given that the Internet is booming in all Western countries, it would be strange if a Network is not stated and Dutch monarchs. Dedicated website mainly monarchy as the family, not their political and other initiatives, but looks very impressive.

To start the journey worthwhile with any section, where you can admire and read biography of the Queen, and every Prince and every Princess. In parallel it is necessary to pay attention on how much the content of the Dutch people.

There is a very impressive journey through the residences, which also along with descriptions of the history of the Royal palaces appear and high quality photos, and virtual tours. And frankly, there is something to see.

You should pay attention to the section “The Monarchy”, which provides very detailed information about the history of the Dutch Kingdom and his pillars, and attributes. Looking here, you don’t only read the constitution of the Netherlands, but also find out the history of the opening of Parliament, look at the uniforms of the Royal guards, to admire the orders and medals, get acquainted with the national anthem. And maybe update their knowledge about the history of the ruling house.

Monarchy in Internet: the official websites of the Royal families The Monarchist   In the Netherlands there is something to see, the same can be said about the Royal website.

The website of the Danish monarchy

Quite interesting to look at the official website of the Danish monarchy where a detailed history of the Danish kings, tells about all the Royal palaces, and, of course, about the Royal family.

You may want to get acquainted not only with the current king and Queen, but with all the numerous princes and princesses, look at any of the palaces and learn more about the history of its creation. On the website lists the obligations of the Queen and press releases of events associated with the monarchy.??Section “History collection” will introduce the history of the ruling family, the main representatives of the ruling Royal lines and features of the Royal army. In this section you will find an information about the most important events in the Royal family. ?And looking into the category of “organization”, you will be able to learn about the features of the administrative system, see the events calendar and find out what events are planned in the coming days, to learn about the results of recent visits to other Royal houses and plans for the future.

The Spanish monarchy in the Network

Address you will find it very colorful and the official site of the Spanish monarchy, where you can learn all about the Royal family and the activities of each of its members. By the way, all of them are active in social activities.

You should pay attention on the genealogy of the kings of Spain, where in a very convenient form presents all of the Royal branch, kings and Queens. If you’re curious, you will learn all the rights and obligations of the Spanish king in accordance with the Spanish Constitution.

The structure of the relationship between the king and the state authorities are well represented in the diagram in sections. As with any Royal site, you can take a tour on all eight residences of the Spanish king. Other sections presents pictures and chronicle official events involving the Royal family.