The new monarchy: every king must have three children The Monarchist

A year ago the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix abdicated in favor of his eldest son, 45-year-old Prince Willem-Alexander. Its decision the Queen said in address to the nation, which was shown on television and was broadcast on the radio. Thus, Willem-Alexander will become the first king of the country after Willem III, who ruled the Netherlands until his death in 1890.

A similar situation happened in Spain. King Juan Carlos I of this year abdicated in favor of his son Felipe. Belgium’s king Albert II gave the throne to his son Philippe.

The mother of three sons, Queen Beatrix has ruled the Netherlands since 1980 and is the Dutch very popular. Juan Carlos ruled from 1975 and also has three children: two daughters and a son. Albert II running the country since 1993 and has three children. Don’t You think that this new trend?

About monarchs written many books, lots of movies, their popularity grows and works of art about them turning into a classic genre. For example, books written by the British writer Peter Conrad were bought very quickly, as hot coffee in cold weather. “Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made it Into the 21st Century”.

His previous work “The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy”, written in collaboration with Mark Logue, the grandson of speech therapist Lionel Logue. These books became one of the 10 best sellers on both sides of the Atlantic. I would argue that the adaptation of these books guarantee Academy Awards from the Director.

Most European monarchs remain a mystery to the uninitiated. With the exception of the newspaper, who wrote about the amorous adventures of the Royal heroes or errors in financial transactions. We offer a superficial study of the monarchies. Far to fly is not necessary, it will be Europe.


Perhaps the British monarchy and the most influential and well-known in Europe, but it is not the oldest. Here the palm holds Denmark. The ruling Queen of Denmark Margrethe II can trace its ancestry back more than one thousand years ago, and she is a direct descendant of the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson.

Margrethe at the beginning of this year celebrated 42 years on the throne. Queen is considered to be uncompromising, passionate, but popular monarch. More controversial, her husband, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark. In the past he was a French diplomat count Andre de Laborde de Monpezat, which could be a good competition to the British Prince Philip of mistakes and missteps.

For some strange reason the ancestors Margrethe without exception, all bore the name Christian or Frederick, which means that they usually overshadow each other and lost their individuality. Stood only two of them: Christian IX, who ruled over the greater part of the second half of the nineteenth century. He became known that well-arranged their children, among them were those who later became the king of Greece, Queen of England, Empress of Russia, and, of course, the king of Denmark.

Less impressive personality was his ancestor from the XVIII century, who suffered from dementia, Christian VII, scandalous marriage which, or rather, marriage is a Threesome with his wife Caroline Matilda and her German doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee, lies at the basis of the new film “a Royal affair”.

The Netherlands

Most European countries and not only Europe but the world over the last century have moved from a monarchical form of government to a Republican. The Dutch are unique in that they did the opposite. As they say, “We’ll go the other way.”

Only in the nineteenth century, the country became a monarchy, and on the throne of king Willem I. And since the Netherlands is ruled by his descendants. The ruling Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is the third Queen of the country. Her mother, Queen Juliana and grandmother Wilhelmina abdicated in his old age. However, Beatrix , which is already 74 years old, and was not going to cede the throne to his son, 47-year-old Willem-Alexander. Gave it only last year.

Prince has strengthened its position in comparison with the times of his youth. The Prince was a bad lover night clubs, even his nickname was invented. Perhaps its authority partly increased due to the fact calming effect, which gives him his fashionable wife is a citizen of Argentina – Princess Maxima.

Unlike Princess Maxima , Beatrix differs admirable practicality and simplicity, it can often be seen on the bike, but in the limousine or horse-drawn carriage.


The Swedish Royal family has become more popular in the world in June 2010, when in Stockholm heir to the throne of Victoria celebrated her marriage lush and spectacular ceremony. Her the groom Daniel Westling was not the usual candidate: they met when he was her fitness trainer.

However, despite concerns, the Royal family and the public is also welcomed their new Prince. In February of this year, Victoria gave birth to their first child, daughter Estelle. The new Royal family a little distracted attention from king Carl XVI Gustaf, who now have to endure exaggerated and flattering scandalous rumors.

Modern Swedish monarchs are treated the same as national symbols, like meatballs and assembling furniture IKEA. Their dynasty was founded adventurous Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, who became General of the Republican army of Napoleon.

As Governor in Hanover, he became friends with some influential prisoners Swedish officers, who then invited him to Stockholm and was offered to become the successor to the childless king Charles XIII. Bernadotte was unable to learn the Swedish language, but his new descendants did not seem to notice it.


The Royal house of Belgium was founded by a stranger Leopold, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, which, as Bernadotte, took advantage of the fact that in the first half of the nineteenth century map of Europe was often reshaped, and found himself a throne.

The life of Leopold could have turned out differently: his first wife was Charlotte, daughter of the British king George IV, but she died in childbirth, and as a result he was left with nothing. He ascended the throne in the new state of Belgium in 1831, abandoning the Greek throne. Few people had hoped that Belgium or its ruling dynasty will be able to survive. A descendant of Leopold albert II, ascended the throne two centuries later, ruled the country until last year.

In the Royal family was not without contradictions and ambiguous facts: Leopold II ascended the throne in 1865 after the death of his father. Leopold III, grandfather of the present king of Belgium tried Woe: his wife Astrid died in 1935 in a car accident while he was driving.

This event has caused a sharp reaction, and then, decades later, said the tragic death of the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, and then Princess Diana.


Norway became a monarchy only since 1905. Before that, the country was ruled by the kings of Sweden. The first king, Haakon VII, who ruled the country until his death in 1957 was a Prince of Denmark by Carl, and his wife Maud was the daughter of Edward VII.

The ruling monarch Harald V has established itself as the favorite people and true Norwegian ruler, although the dynasty and has undergone its own shocks. In the late 90s, when the son of Harald, crown Prince Haakon, fell in love with Mette-Marit Tjessem Hоiby, which is the son of the person convicted for drug trafficking.

After their marriage Mette-Marit has become a model Princess, though she had to be uncomfortable for her father Sven. Unfortunately Sven already died.


The history of the monarchy in Spain is very interesting. In 1931 she stopped to exist as a result of the proclamation of the Republic, which created the conditions for the dictatorship of General Franco. After the death of Franco in 1975, Juan Carlos revived democracy in the country and prevented the attempted military coup in 1981. Since then he has shown himself to be an exemplary modern king.

Juan Carlos loves to hunt and even despite the fact that he was severely injured on a hunt, he still will not betray favorite thing.

Like its Swedish counterpart, he’s a sucker for a romantic adventure. Juan Carlos still remember and respect as the liberator from dictatorship. His country was repainted in different colors: Republic, Dictatorship and again Monarchy. The people made their choice and he chose a strong monarch.