Russian diplomacy: Nikolai Ignatiev The Monarchist

Nikolai Ignatiev (17 (29) January 1832, St. Petersburg – June 20 (July 3), 1908, Kiev province) – Count, Russian statesman of the kind of Ignatiev, the Russian envoy in Beijing (1859-1860), Ambassador in Constantinople (1864-77), Minister of the Interior (1881-82), General of Infantry (1878), adjutant General.

During a trip to China in 1859-1860 he  prepared and signed on behalf of the Russian Empire Beijing Treaty (2 November 1860), who joined the Russian land on the right bank of the river. Cupid: from the mouth. Ussuri River to the Pacific coast and the border with Korea (south). Today, it is the territory of Primorsky Krai and  south of Khabarovsk Krai.

In gratitude for the great public support for national Bulgarians, oppressed by the Ottoman Empire and the organization of humanitarian assistance to them in the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1878), in Bulgaria there are named after Count Ignatiev – the village of Graf Ignatievo in Plovdiv region and the village Ignatievo in Varna area, as well as the peak Ignatieff in Antarctica. In Bulgaria, are still preserved streets, squares and institutions named in honor of the famous Russian Count.