House of Romanov: Peter II The Monarchist

Peter II (12 (23), October 1715, Saint Petersburg – 19 (30) January 1730, Moscow) – Russian emperor, who succeeded to the throne of Catherine I, grandson of Peter I.

Peter II – son of krown Prince Alexei Petrovich and German Princess Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Lunebur, the last representative of the Romanov family in direct male line.

6 (17) May 1727 Peter A. was the third emperor of all the Russias, taking the official name of Peter II. According to the will of Catherine I teenage emperor had before the age of 16 years do not edit yourself, and relying on the Supreme Privy Council.

TThe young emperor ascended the throne 6 (17) in May 1727, when he was only eleven years old, and died at 14 years of smallpox. Peter did not have time to show interest in public affairs and do not actually own rules. The real power in the state was in the hands of the Supreme Privy Council, and in particular favorites of the young emperor, first Alexander Menshikov, after his overthrow – Dolgorukov.