Prince George of Cambridge The Monarchist

On July 22 last year was born the youngest Prince in the world. Prince George of Cambridge is the most famous child in the world and third in line to the British throne. Of course, the boy prepared a great life, which will differ from other children’s lives. Wanted the little Prince or not, but for my title and blue blood have to pay.

Life the Royal heir includes not only the responsibility and rich life, but also certain limitations. These restrictions apply only to the Royal family and perhaps a little will tell a Prince from his subjects.

Golden cage

“Ordinary life? Haven’t heard about this!” Most likely it will be to answer the third heir to the British crown on the question of journalists about his usual gray days.

The child is unlikely to be something that is roughly equivalent to a normal life. Take British law and honor the rights and obligations of members of the Royal family. Black and white written that he has no right to vote. You can certainly for a long time to think about how you would have changed the political race for example in Parliament if George Alexander Louis quietly expressed support for one party or another. The fact remains. Offer not to heat the head and move to the second interesting limitation.

The peak of his career known in advance and there’s nothing you can do about it, if he doesn’t want to put up with it. The expectations of millions of hearts, which has laid on him the responsibility is not so easy to understand. Unimaginable pressure on him is great – he was born with a life term.

You just think, it would not be even passports because of the complex and intricate constitutional rules. All his life he will be the object of attention of journalists. Feeds will never forget it and each step will be documented and disseminated throughout the world.

Prince George of Cambridge The Monarchist   Prince William has surpassed his father, whether Prince George to beat her?

Will send it in a private closed school, most likely where he studied under his father at Eton. There he will interact with other children who are not deprived of attention. It is normal for the Royal family, and through this many years of practice were previous generations.

Usually for Eton should study at University, then officer training. By the way, as told to Catherine Middleton, the little Prince is already showing interest in the aircraft.

Many predict that Prince George of Cambridge will be the same career as his father. It is worth noting that Prince William had surpassed his father – Charles: assessment and William were better. Perhaps Prince George will surpass his father not only in education, but in the service of. Recall that the Duke of Cambridge has the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Then the Prince expects big business and training onerous duties of public ceremonies and diplomatic receptions. In return for their privileges members of the Royal family are especially hard tests: what other family in the world will expect from 87-year-old great-grandmother more than 400 public appearance in a year?

A child of his age

Luckily or unluckily it is a traditional program of education of the crown Prince. This Prince will be a little different because it will be the first prospective future British monarch who will grow Golden cage with ongoing monitoring and recording every second of his life.

Prince George of Cambridge The Monarchist   Grandfather Prince George was always an example to follow

You do not need to be an analyst or to have the gift of foresight to predict what the hacking page on Facebook his friends, teachers and partners and it is only in the short term. Scary to imagine what will happen next. Probably, the person responsible for the security of your Prince will have to invent a super-virus.

He is the first member of the Royal family in line for the succession, which will grow with the Internet. In comparison with his family , his father, Prince William, was born in 1982 and, apparently, had little overlap with the computer in the late 90 X. This child will grow up surrounded by smartphones, Google Glass and various miracles of science.

Information about all the things he will do, will be distributed at a fantastic speed, in spite of all efforts on the part of the political family of Windsor. Therefore e the Prince is doomed to the interaction, at least with email, which will definitely be a Declaration of love to his fans, who purchased it for the big money.

Centre of attraction

His uncle, Prince Harry, several times entertained publicly. One of the most brilliant pranks is going to masquerade in costume fascist in 2005. All these usually missed on deaf ears, as the follies of youth. Yes, but then in the distant 2005 phone with camera, like the iphone – was rare.

Now the camera’s on phones are so good that , for example, the Chicago Times fired its photographers and gave iPhones to journalists! And this happens not only in the Chicago Times. Now we live in a world of pictures; Here are the statistics – 10% of all ever made photos were taken in the last 2 years and this growth is exponentially will continue.

Prince George of Cambridge The Monarchist   Thanks to iphone Royal family has become closer to us.

I wonder what it’s like to be the heir to the throne and private student private school at the same time. I think in order to be worthy of his crown, to be the center of attention and point of attraction journalists tedious to have it in the blood.

Most likely, the symbol of the British crown will be closer to us. Given all modern technologies, including virtual cloning in the sense of creating video games, George will not remain his personal space. In addition we will know him better than he himself. I hope future monarch, it is reasonable to use all state of the art electronic instruments in the world and is an example of a worthy citizen of his Kingdom.