Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist

“To live is to keep moving forward”

Johnson C.

Queen Margrethe is a happy and cheerful disposition. Is the head of state of Denmark since 14 January 1972.

Queen Margrethe II was born on 16 April 1940 at the Amalienborg Palace. Her parents – the king of Denmark Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid, nee Princess of Sweden. The Queen is the third grandchild of king Christian X.

One of the names of the Queen, Thorhildur, because in the moment of her birth Iceland was part of the Danish Kingdom until 1944.

The Queen was baptized on 14 may 1940 in the Church of Holmes dtsc. Holmens Kirke), confirmyour 1 April 1955 in the Church Fredensborg Palace.

Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist   Queen Margrethe and her husband Prince Henri.


Since the right to the succession passed through the male line, and Frederik IX were only daughters, it has been necessary to change the law of succession (submitted 27 March 1953), which allowed Margrethe, Princess of Denmark, to take the title of crown Princess and subsequently come to the throne.

Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist   Her style is bright and unique has long been a favorite of all the Western media.

April 16, 1958 crown Princess Margrethe became a member of the State Council and was responsible for holding meetings of the Board in the absence of Frederik IX.

June 10, 1967 the then crown Princess Margrethe married a French diplomat count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat (genus. June 11, 1934, near Bordeaux), which on the occasion of the marriage received the title of “His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark”. The wedding took place in the Church of Holmes in Copenhagen, and the wedding festivities were held at the Fredensborg Palace.

Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik two sons: crown Prince Frederik andre Henrik Christian (born. may 26, 1968) and Prince Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian (born. 7 June 1969).

Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist   Even knee prosthesis does not interfere with the Queen incendiary dance on the stage.


The Queen has graduated from secondary school, he studied philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, archaeology at Cambridge University, social science in the city of Aarhus and the Sorbonne, he studied at the London school of Economics.

In 1958-1970 years Margrethe was also recruit female Department of the Air squadron, where in this period he studied the various parties of military Affairs. Is the Supreme commander of the armed forces of Denmark. In addition to his native Danish, Her Majesty speaks French, Swedish, English and German.

Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist   Very often the Queen pleases filed vivid and memorable performances.

A high level of education has allowed the Queen to lead an active life in the world of art. But most importantly her passion throughout life remains the drawing. She has repeatedly admitted that at heart she is a freelance artist, and not the Queen. She is fond of painting, works in various media (drawing, printmaking, textiles, watercolor, drawing, decoupage, set design, embroidery, book illustration (including the cycle of illustrations for “the Lord of the rings“, J. R. R. Tolkien).

Most of her works have been exhibited both in Denmark and abroad, and presented at the State Museum of arts, the Art Museum ARoS Aarhus) and State Assembly drawings. The orchestra Tolkien Ensemble uses drawings of Margrethe as the cover of their album, with its permission. So, some of the most famous of her works:

1970 – sketch for a memorable Christmas stamps

2009 – decoupage and costumes for the film-the tale “the Wild swans” by tale, H. Andersen, dir. Geeta Norbu and Peter flint.

Translated into Danish (under the pseudonym “H. M. Vejerbjerg” in collaboration with her husband Prince Henrik) several works of Simone de Beauvoir.

Actress and Queen Margrethe II The Monarchist   The Queen is a real actress and favorite people.

The Queen not only is the costume designer and Illustrator, but loves to play. She often reads plays roles, dancing on stage behaves as a real actress. Bright and creative person, the Queen is a favorite of all of Denmark.

“For diligence and art, nothing is impossible”

Johnson C.