The dream came to fruition when Kjell Nupen (1955–2014) in 2010 invited her and Ornulf Opdahl to Atelje Larsen, run by print master Ole Larsen, to make some experiments with graphic prints. After the intense session, the two artists immediately saw that Queen Sonja’s results were too good to be put in a drawer.

“That was when I came up with the idea of creating a joint portfolio that could form the financial basis for such an award”,- says Queen Sonja.

The result became the art project Three Journeys. Three Landscapes – a print portfolio where the funds from the sale went to the Foundation established to present the Queen Sonja Nordic Art Award.

The main purpose of the H.M. Queen Sonja Art Foundation is to create interest in graphic art and stimulate young artists to develop both the craft and the expression. The foundation will present the Queen Sonja Print Award every other year. The winner will receive a prize of NOK 400.000, and a residency at the Atelje Larsen workshops in Helsingborg. The Finish printmaker Tiina Kivinen was first to receive the award in Oslo on June 14th 2012.