Return of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. That, what has been said by Anton Bakov The Monarchist

“Your Imperial Highness Empress Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna! – Appeals deputy to the head of the Imperial House of Romanov. – Throughout the history of the reign imperial dynasty of the Romanov is one of the foundations of the Russian state … Now there is a difficult process of restoring Russia’s greatness and the return of its global influence. I am sure that in such an important historical moment the members of the Imperial House of Romanov can not remain aloof from the processes taking place in Russia. “

Also, members of the Legislative Assembly are working on a bill that intends to provide the Romanov family special status and provide to stay one of unused the palaces times of Imperial Russia.

The proposal of the deputy of the Leningrad of Legislative Assembly bears the following contents:

Firstly, access to the monarchical resource Russia, which had not been used by anyone other than A.A. Bakov.

Second, to establish a dialogue with Europe in terms of sanctions through the House of Romanov and his participation in the integration processes.

And first and second very important in today’s environment.

Return of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. That, what has been said by Anton Bakov The Monarchist   Anton Alekseyevich Bakov

Anton Bakov of the Romanovs in Russia

The idea, of course, true, but it does not carry anything new. One of the first who expressed this idea was Archchancellor Imperial Throne, the leader of Monarchist of Party Russia Anton Alekseyevich Bakov. He was the first to propose to draw attention to a direct descendant of the royal Romanov dynasty, Prince Imperial Blood Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen, the Orthodox baptism adopted the name of Nicholas Kirillovich. All current and previous activities Anton Alexeyevich aimed at proof and recognition of Nicholas Kirillovich only a full and immediate heir to the Romanov, which was the subject of many scientific historical works.

Nicholas Kirillovich as a full descendanReturn of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. That, what has been said by Anton Bakov The Monarchist   t of the Romanovs

Establishing a dialogue with the House of Romanov at state power in Russia – long overdue step, what for many years says Anton Bakov. And in this important matter should be observed historical justice and to recognize the heir to the Russian throne, the closest descendant of the royal dynasty, Nicholas Kirillovich, now referred to as His Imperial Highness Emperor Nicholas III. Belonging Maria Vladimirovna and her son to the heir to the Russian throne has been repeatedly convincingly challenged.

Turning imperial rhetoric and Romanov in Russian political discourse was inconsistent. In the early 90s, President Yeltsin used the opportunity with his usual speed and voluntarism. “Find and make.” Without thinking, not understand the basic things related bonds were pulled Maria Vladimirovna with her son. The rest of the Romanovs, including Carl Emikh Leyningensky not worthy of such a possibility. Then came a period of neglect, and Maria Vladimirovna continued continued to call himself “Head of the House” and “Empress Grand Duchess” without the support of the Russian state. Today we are witnessing begins a new wave imperial discourse, and a pioneer here on the right is Anton Alekseevich Bakov, among other things, registered the monarchist party Russia.

Appeal to the House of Romanov in order to establish cooperation with Europe, in our opinion, it is a great opportunity, which had not been used. And in this case, the candidacy of Nikolai Kirillovich looks more attractive, as it is recognized by all the living descendants of the Romanovs, including the reigning houses of Europe, the closest candidate to the throne. In his hands, there is a real possibility of establishing a special dialogue with the European monarchies, are not subject to sanctions and other restrictions.