Review of the book “Romanovs. Emperor Nicholas III” The Monarchist

In the book, there is no such comparative analysis. From the description of the three marriages Nicholas Kirillovich, the author goes on to criticize the current head of the House of Romanov Maria Vladimirovna, and then to the justification of the return of Nicholas III on the throne. It should be noted in the absence of an objective view on these issues. To date, there is no possibility to return to the Russian monarchy. As a springboard to move in this direction they chose Montenegro and sovereign imperial throne. However, there are no  relationships between the imperial throne, and Russia yet. Even the letter of Nicholas Kirillovich Vladimir Putin didn’t have an answer. There is an ideological justification of the monarchy in Russia, but there is no return of technology, it does not reflect the elite component of this issue, which always played a key role in Russia. Public opinion in the information society is quite manageable, and 20% mentioned the support of the monarchy is not indicative of the reality of such a return. There were not mentioned possible restoration terms of the monarchy. Nikolai Kirillovich was called the Emperor, but when this happens in real life is not clear. The implication, it is not going to be in this generation. In this case, the question arises of how to prepare the future of the King, in which the tradition will be raised and what language to use.

Thus, we believe A.Sergievskaya’s book “Romanovs. Emperor Nicholas III» is an unsuccessful attempt to comprehend of modern girl serious historical, political, and spiritual problems of Russia. It’s not interesting to read this popular science publication. Stated in the form of travel and work conversations, brings news of the return of the monarchy in a negative way, which is unacceptable.