“Rules for the maintenance of brothels” in Imperial Russia the XIX century The Monarchist

And in imperial Russia there were “Houses of love” – officially recognized, legal, persons under surveillance. Those were under control of the state and were subject to the account. On the level of the income and status in society as well as in everything among houses the hierarchy was observed: highest (aristocratic), average (petty-bourgeois) and lowest (panel).

“Rules for the maintenance of brothels” in Imperial Russia the XIX century The Monarchist   The beginning was necessary to the state recognition and a regulation of activity of brothels in 1843 the Minister of Internal Affairs count Perovsky who wanted to concentrate all prostitutes in brothels over time. The administrative facilities aspired to it up to 1917. And on May 29 in 1844 the “Rules for the maintenance of brothels” regulating up to the smallest details an order of the organization and the rule of work of the last, behavior of their inhabitants in public mestakh many other things were published even.

Here only some of them:

1. To open brothels precisely with the permission of police.

2. A brothel only the woman from 30 to 60 years, reliable can receive permission to open.

8. In number of women in brothels not to accept more young than 16 years …

10. Debt claims of the holder for public women shouldn’t serve as an obstacle to leaving by the last brothels …

15. Beds have to be separated or easy partitions, or, at impossibility of this on circumstances, screens …

20. The holder is exposed to also strict liability for bringing the maids living at it to an extreme exhaustion the unlimited use …

22. It is forbidden to holders on Sunday and to holidays to accept visitors before the termination of a mass, and also on the Holy Week.

23. Men of minors, equally not to allow pupils of educational institutions in brothels at all.

“Rules for the maintenance of brothels” in Imperial Russia the XIX century The Monarchist   Maidens shared on “booking” (staying in brothels, selecting the passport, and granted the certificate “prostitute’s passport”) and “blank” or singles — vagrant, room, generally building the business independently. Booking it was recommended to visit a bath, not to evade from medical examination, and not to use cosmetics at all.

The authorities were to them, however, were loyal: for survey allowed to come to offices under a veil, and in the document of 1888 republished in 1910, for ranks of detective offices it was told to the instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: item 18 “… each rank of detective police at execution … has to be polite, serious and reserved with female persons in particular”