Russian aeronautics: Nikolai Zhukovsky The Monarchist

January 17, 1847 was born Nikolai Zhukovsky – the “father of Russian aviation”, the founder of modern hydro and aerodynamics. Professor Emeritus of the University of Moscow, professor of theoretical mechanics of the Imperial Moscow Technical School (since 1918 – Moscow Higher Technical School); Corresponding Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in the category of Mathematical Sciences (1894).

In 1902, under his leadership, was built one of the world’s first wind tunnel, and in 1904 – the first in Europe aerodynamic Institute.

In 1898, in his speech, “aeronautics” he predicted:

“The man has no wings and in relation to the weight of his body weight, muscle 72 times weaker than the birds. But I think he will fly, without relying on the strength of his muscles, and on the strength of his mind. “