Russian officers: Adam Czartoryski The Monarchist

Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski (January 14, 1770, Warsaw – July 15, 1861) – The head of the princely family Czartoryski, which for a long life of the Polish insurgents had repeatedly predicted in the King of Poland.

At the beginning of the XIX century he was close to Alexander I, it was a “secret committee”, served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire (1804-1806). He also was a  head of the national government during the November Uprising in 1830. In the middle of the XIX century, his Paris house (mansion Lambert) became the headquarters of the patriotic Polish emigration.He is also known as a connoisseur of art and memoirist.

In St. Petersburg, Adam was a member of the inner circle of the Emperor Alexander I (which was connected by kinship: his sister Anna Maria was married to the uncle of the emperor). About to limit the impact on the successor, Emperor Paul commanded Adam to leave the Russian capital. After the change of power Czartoryski returned to St. Petersburg, where, on the proposal of Alexander takes on the management of foreign policy. Court rumor call him a favorite of the Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna and father of her child died in infancy.

Since 1803 the trustee Vilna school district,which  control center  main institution was the imperial Vilnius University, which contributed to the flourishing of the Princes Czartoryski.

Since the beginning of the Polish uprising in November 1830 became a member of the Governing Body, with December 1830 Chairman of the Provisional Government, then to August 15, 1831 President of the National Government. With the suppression of the uprising emigrated.

On September 25, 1817 he was married to Anna Sophia Sapieha (1799-1864), the only daughter of Prince Alexander Anthony Sapieha, one of Napoleon’s aides