Russian officers: Nikolay Muravyov-Karskiy The Monarchist

Nikolay Muravyov-Karskiy (1794-1866) was a Russian military leader and traveler from the sort of youngers, Irkutsk (1845) and Tula (1846) the Governor, the military Governor of the Caucasian province (1854). For the capture of Kars during the Crimean war was nicknamed “Karsiy”. After the war he retired in the rank of General of infantry.

From March 1812 Ants was at the headquarters under the command of Lieutenant-quartermaster S. A. Mukhina, at the beginning of the war he was assigned to the corps of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, and with the departure of the Prince from the army and disbanding his headquarters in a headquarters under the command of General Roofing and attended Borodinsky battle (the difference received September 10, order of St. Anne 4th degree).

Russian officers: Nikolay Muravyov-Karskiy The Monarchist   Nikolay Muravyov-Karskiy

Invasion of the French in Moscow Ants came to the detachment of General Miloradovich, and, in a state in which until the end of the campaign, participated in many glorious things of the Patriotic war, among which are a battle at Tarutino and Vyazma. With particular success Ants fulfilled the assignment to build a bridge over the Berezina, when for the encouragement of pioneers himself dragged and tied ropes logs. Illness forced Muravyova to leave the army when she was in Vilna; he returned to it only in April 1813

In the Foreign campaign of the Ants took part in many cases of lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden,Kulm (15 September 1813 awarded the order of St. Vladimir 4th class with bow and September 26, produced in the rank of second Lieutenant), Leipzig (the difference on 4 October 1813 promoted to Lieutenant) at fere-Champenoise (the difference was awarded on may 28, 1814, the order of St. Anne 2nd degree) and finally was at the capture of Paris, consisting in this period when the General-major Kurut. Then the Ants was appointed chief quartermaster in the guards cavalry division, and on his return to Russia transferred to the Guards General staff.