Russian officers: Vasily Dolgorukov-Crimean The Monarchist

Vasily Dolgorukov Crimean (1 July 1722 – January 30, 1782) – commander in chief (1762), Moscow commander (1780-82) of the genus Dolgoruky. During the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-74, commanded the army, which occupied the Crimea; in memory of this received the title of “Crimea”.

The son of Senator Mikhail Vladimirovich Dolgorukov and Princess Eudocia Yurievna Odoevskii. Opal that has befallen his kin at the time of Empress Anna Ioannovna, touched and Dolgorukov. Thirteenth year he was recorded as a soldier in the army, moved under the command of field Marshal Munnich against the Crimea. He distinguished himself in the capture of Perekop fortress (1736). Before the storm of Perekop Munnich promised that the first soldier, who rose to strengthen the living, will be promoted to officers. The first was a young Dolgorukov, which earned the rank of Lieutenant.

Anna Ioannovna on his accession to the throne commanded none of Dolgoruky officials not to give, and to serve them constantly soldiers. According miniature Pikul, Munnich when you report to the Empress about taking Perekop fortress confessed that gave the rank of Junior Dolgorukovo, and received the answer of the Empress:

“don’t take me the sword from the sucker”

Thus, C. M. Dolgorukov is the only one of the names who received the rank of officer in the reign importazioni Ioannovna.

When Elizabeth Dolgorukov began to move quickly in the ranks. In 1741 he was promoted to captain, in 1742, in seconds, majors, in 1743 in Prime majors, in 1745, as a Lieutenant Colonel assigned to Generales-de-camp to his own uncle, the President of the military Collegium, General-field Marshal Prince Vasily Dolgorukov, and in 1747 he was promoted to Colonel with the appointment of the commander of the Tobolsk infantry regiment. According to the memoirs of Prince Shakhovsky Ya P., which he cites in his notes, Dolgorukov occupied a prominent position among the other commanders