Russian science: Engelhardt Alexander The Monarchist

Engelhardt Alexander (July 21 [August 2] – January 21 [February 2] 1893) – Russian scientist, writer, populist and agrochemist.

The most important achievement is Engelhardt agronomic basis for the Non-Russian economy.

Together with NN Sokolov founded and edited the first Russian Journal of Chemistry “Chemical Journal” (1859-1860). Since 1866 – professor of chemistry at St. Petersburg Agricultural Institute.

Alexander Engelhardt organized a rational economy – a model farm with the school to prepare “intelligent landowners.” Observations and views on economic developments in the village he described in his “Letters from the village”, published in the journal “Notes of the Fatherland” in 1872-1882 years. AN Engelhardt in their publications proog the advantages of using rock phosphate as a phosphate fertilizer, the example in Smolensk province.

De facto, Engelhardt made a “quiet” agricultural revolution, shifting its theoretical and practical experience in the field of chemistry. He brought the technique of cultivation and fertilization of different views of the soil, thereby resulting in a significant increase in agricultural production in the Russian Empire.

AN Engelhardt has been an active supporter and promoter of the application of lime and fertilizers in combination with organic fertilizers.