Start the Romanov dynasty The Monarchist

March 3, 1613 Zemsky Sobor sworn 16-year-old Mikhail Romanov, the founder of the last of the Romanov dynasty.

In early 1613, after the purification of Moscow from the Poles, the interim government of Pozharsky and Trubetskoy were sent out by city charters with an invitation to send to Moscow electors, 10 people from the town, for the election of the emperor.

By January in Moscow brought together representatives from 50 cities, which together with the Muscovites made Zemsky Sobor. The main question was about the foreign candidates. At the  first rejected the Polish Prince Wladyslaw recognized in 1610 “council of seven” Russian King. Then the Swedish Prince Carl Philip-elected Novgorod on “Novogorodskoe State” and finally took the overall ruling not to elect “the king of the foreign” and elect its “birth of the great Moscow”. But who?

After lengthy disputes chose the Mikhail Romanov, son Metropolitan – Filaret nephew and cousin of the last Russian King Rurik – Fyodor Ivanovich. Then they sent messengers to nearby cities to find out whether there will be acceptable King Michael, and cause those boyars whom the council was not.

By 3 March came the good news and Mikhail Fedorovich was proclaimed the King.

Meanwhile, the king himself  was not in Moscow. Even in 1612 he and his mother moved to Kostroma, in their villages, where almost became a victim of the Poles. Fortunately, saved his own life at the cost of a famous hero Ivan Susanin. Profits from the Zemsky Sobor envoy had long to persuade her son to his mother. Eventually mother blessed her son on the throne, and Michael was named as a King. In May, he drove to Moscow, and in July, held his coronation, which put an end to the “Time of Troubles”.