King Harald V The Monarchist

King Harald V is the first Norwegian Prince for 567 years. His birth gave hope for the continuation of the monarchical traditions. Why is it so important? According to the Constitution of 1814, the king could give the Board the only male heir (however, this article was reviewed). With the birth of the son of the country was guaranteed by the new king, at least for the next two generations of Norway.


King Harald the son of king Olav V (1903-1991) and crown Princess Martha (1901-1954).

King Harald V The Monarchist   Wedding with Sonja Haraldsen was contrary to the traditions of Norway, but their marriage was approved by the Parliament and the people.

His wife is Princess Sonja of Haraldsen. In 1968 king Olav announced that the crown Prince Harald chose his bride. She was not from a family of aristocrats. This led to heated political debate about the future of the monarchy. The Prince knew his future wife for about 9 years, before offering her to become his wife. To give an answer, king Olav was necessary to consult with the government, the speaker of the Norwegian Parliament. The marriage was approved and the wedding took place in August 1968.

The majority of the population of Norway adopted a new crown Princess Sonja of Haraldsen with great enthusiasm. It certainly shows the status and the population’s attitude to the Royal family and monarchy in the country. The wedding did not violate national integrity, which in itself symbolizes the Royal family.

Deep devotion to country, as shown by king Olav and crown Prince and crown Princess are one of the main reasons why the monarchy has strong support in Norway. Another reason is that the Royal family is an important symbol of social stability and political continuity in such turbulent times. In addition, the Royal family is a symbol of national integrity, the realization of which was especially important during the second world war.

Education the future king

Education of Prince Harald was largely attributed to his future responsibilities as king and head of state. On the one hand he was prepared as an advocate of monarchical traditions, on the other hand he grew up with the understanding of the modern world and modernity  requires from the monarchy.

The first three years of the life of Prince Harald passed peacefully in Skaugum. Peaceful existence was broken by the invasion of Nazi troops on the territory of Norway on 9 April 1940. The Royal family was one of the main goals of the Nazis. King Haakon together with members of the government were forced to leave Oslo. They left the country in just a few hours before the entry of the enemy army. After the capitulation of the Government continued to work in London.

March (mother of Harald) together with the crown Prince and crown Princess April 10, 1940 left Norway. At night they crossed the border. After a few months in Sweden, the family moved to the United States. Crown Princess Mary, Prince Harald and his two older sisters, Ragnhild and Astrid, lived near Washington until the liberation of Norway in 1945.

King Harald V The Monarchist   Harald V always appreciated and loved his family more than anything.

After the liberation of Norway Prince Harald went to the school in Smestad in the first time. It was an ordinary public school, and his education was no different from the education of other children.

After graduating from elementary school Prince Harald continued education in Katedralskole in Oslo and successfully graduated in 1955. In the same year he enrolled at the University in Oslo.

Military training

The teaching at the University of Oslo Prince Harald began his military education. He entered the school, which trains senior officers in Trandum, and then at the military Academy, from which he graduated in 1959. Today, king Harald V is head of army and air force, and Admiral of the fleet.

After finishing the military Academy as an officer, crown Prince Harald continued his education at Oxford. He studied politics, history and Economics at Balliol.


The duties of Regent, Vice-king, Prince Harald began in 1958. And, since the spring of 1990, when king Olav was seriously ill, the Prince became head of the State Council and took over part of its functions.

Together with his father, king Olav, Prince Harald acted a huge amount of his duties. He opened exhibitions and participated in numerous conferences, visited nursing homes, went on official visits abroad. He opened new airlines and Norwegian tourism offices abroad and carried the national flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

After the wedding with Sonya Haraldsen in 1968 the crown Prince and crown Princess have divided the responsibilities among themselves. Together and separately they traveled throughout Norway and abroad, including countries such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Tanzania, Latin America, United States of America and Europe.

King Harald V The Monarchist   At first, king Harald V was acting as Regent, and in 1991 was crowned.

Crown Prince Harald was doing everything possible to strengthen and promote the share of the Norwegian market abroad. Today Harald has large number of awards and prizes for achievements in the development of Norway, strengthening borders and market relations.


January 21, 1991 king Harald took the oath of allegiance to the Constitution of Norway. Queen Sonja was with him in this important historical moment. The ceremony took place in the building of the Norwegian Parliament – the Storting. Queen Sonja has received this honor twice, and in 1993, during the official opening of the Storting.

At the request of the king his coronation took place in the Cathedral in Trondheim on June 23, 1991. Some time later, after the ceremony, the Royal couple went on a ten-day trip around the South of Norway. Next summer they completed the trip with 22-day stay on the territory of the four most Northern counties of Norway.


The Royal couple are big fans of sports, and with great trepidation love a nature.

King Harald V The Monarchist   Harald V travels a lot with charity of missian in the all world.

King Harald known around the world as an athlete. He participated in many national and international regattas. As crown Prince, he played several times for Norway at the Olympics, won the Gold Cup in 1968 and won the first prize at the regatta in the German city of Kiel in 1972. In 1982 he won a silver medal at the world championship. And in the summer of 1987 on their new yacht “FRAM’s” – a gift from the Norwegian Union of entrepreneurs to celebrate fifty years after he became world champion. Next year at this same yacht with crew he took third place at the world championship in San Francisco.

The Royal family took an active part in preparations for the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994. While Queen Sonja participated in the development of the cultural program of the upcoming games, the crown Prince Harald was honorary President of the Olympic organizing Committee and member of the Olympic national Assembly.

Currently, the Royal family lives in the residence of Skaugum in the town Asker near Oslo, where was the childhood home of king Harald. However, the family often comes in the Royal Palace in Oslo.