The monarchy and the Caribbean The Monarchist

Caribbean Islands – a group of the Antilles in the Atlantic Ocean. Adopted by the Spanish discoverers of the legendary island of Antilia, the island lies between North and South America and constitute a kind of continuation of the shattered continent. From the Gulf of Paria and mouth of the Orinoco to the Straits of Florida, they stretch over 13 degrees of latitude, and a huge range bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and the Antilles (Caribbean) sea. Together, they form an area of ??228,662 square kilometers with a population of about 42 million people.

The monarchy and the Caribbean The Monarchist   Pirates of the Caribbean

We are familiar with these islands for the history of piracy in the 17-19 centuries and related works of art. Somewhere in those places sailed Jack Sparrow and there were events of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. From these films  we learn about the confrontation with the British Crown, political intrigue and sea battles between France, Britain, Spain and Holland.

In the struggle for supremacy of European monarchies in the Caribbean, the local population used to the frequent changes of government and life under the protection of a particular crown. Today it is a formally independent state with a republican form of government. However, the example of Puerto Rico is a freely associated state within the United States.

The monarchy and the Caribbean The Monarchist   Caribbean Islands

More than half the population of the islands – the Catholics, saying long domination of European colonialists. The others – Protestants, pagans, totemisty. The racial makeup – 86% of blacks, about 3% of the Carib Indians.

Can the monarchy exist in the Caribbean? Interesting question. The current economic situation of the islands does not allow to evolve rapidly, so attract investment and tourists is a priority. If the monarchical form can solve this issue, it will use the unconditional popular among local people.

It would be interesting to consider the purchase of land in the Caribbean for the Imperial Throne. For this study the specifics of each island are individually. Although common in many respects, the island has  geographically and climatically differences, they have different economic activities. In the case of a positive assessment of the prospects of investment, it may become the new Caribbean island territory of a sovereign stateThe Imperial throne.