The passport of the Russian Empire The Monarchist

It should also be borne in mind that the getting of European citizenship – a long legal procedure, but it just seems at first glance.

Citizenship of the European Union

Large migration flows from all over the world tend to be caused by political persecution and dissatisfaction with the standard of living in the home country. Today, getting a second passport attracted successful entrepreneurs and financially independent people, since the presence of a second citizenship allows a “reserve airfield” abroad and do not worry about the safety of their capital. It’s no secret that the economy and the political situation of the European countries is much more stable and developed than in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as the CIS countries. And everyone wants to be confident in the future, do not be afraid for the future of their children and loved ones, while maintaining contact with the homeland. In this situation, the acquisition of dual citizenship – the right way out.

Also, many are concerned that question, as a second citizenship for the child. It is quite possible, especially if the child is studying abroad. Not only your child, but you can enjoy all the advantages provided by a second citizenship of the European Union.

The passport of the Russian Empire The Monarchist   Passport of a citizen of the European Union is the center of attraction for many people in the world

Bonuses of European passport

Firstly, you can legally move to live in Europe, with unhindered can be on the territory of the country, you will forget about visas and feel freedom, including freedom of movement, which can give you your second European passport.

Secondly, you will be available for the life of not only the country, where you have a passport, but also the rest of Europe – Schengen countries.

Thirdly, you can work and do business successfully on the security of European standards, to preserve and increase your capital. You and your family will be available to health care, education, real estate acquisition without specific permission and much more, not to mention the mild climate of southern Europe, the beautiful view from the window and a good environment.

All these advantages of the European passport you can get through the passport of the Russian Empire, which is part of the Schengen Area and is an official document of identification.

For passports of the Russian Empire and all the benefits that it opens up for you as an EU citizen, you do not need to overcome bureaucratic barriers European or invest millions of dollars into the economy of the EU or the Russian Empire.

You only need to write a free-form application to the Russian Empire, Archchancellor Anton tanks and to pay customs tax.

The passport of the Russian Empire The Monarchist   The passport of the Russian Empire discovers their owners all the privileges of an EU citizen

Russian Empire – a young country, which comes into the EU this year and gets all the privileges of a full member state of economic and customs area of Europe.