The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist

The new king of Spain Philipp VI who formally already became a monarch after his father Juan Carlos I who was in power 39 years on Wednesday signed the law on renunciation of a throne. This monarch — hope of the people. Its previous activity specifies that Felipe is ready to carry out reforms for the sake of well-being of Spain and to be the patron.

On polls of Philipp VI is the first Spanish monarch with the university diploma — much more advances in popularity of other members of the Spanish royal family. He is supported as the head of state by about 70% of citizens of the country. Spaniards note, first of all, that the new king is perfectly prepared for performance of the mission assigned to it.

The ascent to the throne

Juan of Carlos became the monarch Philipp VI after renunciation of the Spanish crown. As the former monarch declared:

“I decided to finish the board and to refuse the Spanish crown. Today younger generation, with new energy who wants to carry out resolutely the changes and reforms conforming to requirements of time seeks to come to the forefront”.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist   My son is an embodiment of stability, a maturity and due preparation,” said the former monarch.

The new king of Spain was born in Madrid in 1968. In 1975 he received titles of the Prince of Asturias, Prince Girona and the Prince Viana. Eleven years later it I took the oath in parliament of Spain, having officially become the successor of the Spanish crown. From this point the way of the young prince on the way of reforms and transformations begins. Prepared its education and actions in which the monarch took part for it.

Having graduated from school in Spain and college in Canada, he got an education in Military academy, at school of the Navies in Marin and in Air Force Academy in San Javier. I served to a rank of the lieutenant colonel of land forces and the Air Force and the captain of the 2nd rank of the Navy.

Has qualification of the pilot of the helicopter. Consists in the 402nd squadron of the Air Force of Spain. I studied law and economy at the Madrid autonomous university and the international relations at Georgetown university of the USA.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist   The new monarch is hope Spain. Now he conducts social policy and charity, whose aim is to stabilize the situation in Spain.

“I begin my board with huge excitement for honor to accept a crown, realizing responsibility and with huge hope for the future of Spain. It is the great nation in which I trust which I love and which I admire, with whose destiny I felt connected throughout all life as the crown prince and today already as the king”

— Philipp VI in the speech declared.

Before accession to the throne of Felipe since 1996 I took part more than in 300 official acts. In fact all educated it it was subordinated to one purpose — to make of the successor of the professional monarch. Especially intensively preparation went within the last two years.

His achievements and reforms

Was the standard-bearer of the Olympic national team of Spain, a member of the sailing team sport at the summer Olympic games in 1992 in Barcelona. Engaged in mountain skiing and squash. Sportsman pilot, a former military is the hobby has done Philipp purposeful and responsible person.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist   “Today, Spain is Europe, and it is our duty to build a new strong, United Europe, which would preserve social cohesion”.

After the terrorist attacks of 11 March 2004 in Madrid, which claimed the lives of 192 people, together with her sisters Helen and Christina took part in a demonstration for the first time in the history of the Spanish monarchy. Concern monarchs social Affairs is reflected in their philanthropy.

Philipp VI participant of charitable organizations. His name was given to the Funds of the Prince of Asturias Foundation and the Prince of Girona. Annually awarded prize Prince of Asturias is the most prestigious award in the country. Has repeatedly made foreign visits to different regions of the world, including in Russia. It was he who opened the Moscow branch of the Institutor Cervantes is Spanish cultural center.

Already from the first days of the reign of the new king of Spain began to be politically active. He has held a number of meetings, including with representatives of the main associations of victims of terrorism in the Palace of Surbana in Madrid. He also held a number of events dedicated to the memory of the fallen in The First World War.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist   Together with his wife, Philippe VI is the organizer of many charitable organizations and national awards.

The family of Philippe VI

Wife of Philipp VI is the Queen Letizia, born Ortiz, Rocasolano. 1 November 2003, totally unexpected for all Royal Palace announced the impending engagement of the Prince of Asturias, Felipe and journalist Leticia Ortiz, Rocasolano. Then Felipe and Leticia took part in the press conference for 250 journalists from more than 10 countries. After engagement Leticia moved to the Palace of the Zarzuela.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain The Monarchist   Contrary to many traditions of Philip VI married a simple journalist who received the title of Princess and later Queen of Spain.

The wedding took place on may 22, 2004 at the Cathedral of Santa Maria La real de La Almudena in Madrid. It was the first Royal wedding in the Cathedral. The wedding was broadcast live TV channels from many countries, and thus was seen by almost 1.5 billion people worldwide. In October 2005 Leonor was born, and in April 2007 in Sofia.

The pilot Philipp VI is the new king of Spain