«Traditions carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also our lives» The Monarchist

It seemed that the monarchy is something of history, standing in the same row with knights and wizards. Let’s touch of modern history, the history that is unfolding before our eyes and, most surprisingly, we are not passive observers, but active participants.

The birth of a child is always a feast, and the birth of the Royal baby – a holiday for the whole country. In the UK this festive event is traditionally celebrated with fireworks from 41 volley. Without a doubt it is a symbol of respect and greeting. Continuity and adherence to the good old tradition makes us a little closer to each other.

In London, according to an old tradition, the fireworks are placed in Hyde Park and at the tower of London. When born, the Duke of Cambridge, Royal horse artillery, in commemoration of his birth made a salute of 41 volley it in Hyde Park. Probably better artillery to hit 41 times, but salute safer and more celebratory.

Before and during all the time of the announcement of the birth of the new heir to the throne was placed on a stand in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. Today announces the birth of the Royal website, but it is an ideal complement to stand in the yard. I dare to bet that without respecting the traditions of the mystery disappears, dissolves the history of the monarchy, which received power from God.

Before the Royal children were born in private houses or in the Royal residences. The Queen was born at Bruton street 17, in London the house of her grandparents on the maternal line. The Prince of Wales was born at Buckingham Palace, and their sister, the eldest daughter of the English king, was born at Clarence House.

The names given to the newborn of the Royal family, usually do not immediately tell the audience that is forced to speculate. The British economy into force of Patriotic feelings of their citizens got a lot of money when it was introduced fashion to bet on the future monarch. When in 1988 came to light Princess Beatrice, her name became known only after two weeks.

When in 1982 William was born, his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales only seven days decided what to name it and announced the baby’s name. The record for secrecy was signed by the Prince of Wales: his name remained a mystery for a month, and announced it before baptism, held in the music room of Buckingham Palace in December 1948.

«Traditions carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also our lives» The Monarchist   The record for the secrecy of his name set Charles, Prince of Wales.

Children of the Royal family often give three or four names in honor of the family. The Duke of Cambridge at baptism he received the name William Arthur Philip Louis, and his father was called Prince Charles Philip Arthur George.

Members of the Royal family who are entitled to the throne name is not needed. But whenever the surname, for example, in marriage, they take the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. How would you live without the names? I think the only Royal person is entitled to such interest privilege.

The Minister for children

The birth of a child in the Royal family is logged as usual, although the Minister of internal Affairs shall be obliged to notify certain officials including the mayor of London, governors of Northern Ireland, the channel Islands and the Isle of man. Assistant chief Queen, her private Secretary sir Christopher was Geidt informs the Lieutenant-governors of the overseas territories.

The most important symbol of the British monarchy, her monarch, who does not like him to be? Embodying the idea of the sample, the symbol of his country, Prince or king are the highest power, power with concern for his subjects.

Before childbirth of the child of the Royal family were present the Minister of internal Affairs to ensure yourself and to convince all filed newborn has not changed. From this custom was abandoned in 1948, when he was born Prince Charles. Probably took up English tact, if such a practice is neither a legal requirement nor a constitutional necessity.

«Traditions carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also our lives» The Monarchist   Now the duties Philip Hammond is not present at the birth of future princes.

Traditionally, the baptism in the Royal family is a private event, held behind closed doors, when the child is only a few months. It is attended by only family members, godparents and close friends. Royal children usually baptizes Archbishop of Canterbury. Keeping the old tradition baptisms were performed in the music room of Buckingham Palace. There was christened William. But Harry was baptized in St. George’s chapel Windsor castle.

Baptized children of the Royal family in an elegant satin shirt for baptism with lace is the same, which in 1841 had made for the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. The son of an Earl and Countess of Essex Viscount Severn was the first child of the Royal family, who in 2008 in baptism have put on a new shirt. It made the dresser Queen Angela Kelly along with dressmakers from Buckingham Palace. It is also a long robe with elegant collar and bow as before.

«Traditions carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also our lives» The Monarchist   Usually the children of the Royal family usually have five or six godparents.

The children of the Royal family surrounded by great care. They usually have five or six godparents, although the Prince of Wales was eight. Among the contenders for this role for a child of William and Kate may be his uncle Prince Harry and James Middleton, and his aunt Pippa Middleton, as well as close friends of the pair, for example, an old school friend of William Thomas van Straubenzee.

Bisenes as usual

A well-known company Silver Cross delivers baby strollers for the Royal family since 1926, when the Queen was born. This company, which received Royal assent, also sold stroller for the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. New stroller this company Silver Cross Surf, Aston Martin Edition will sell for ? 2000.

«Traditions carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also our lives» The Monarchist   Modern monarchy popular in the digital era.

Last ruling monarch has lived up to its direct great-grandchildren almost 120 years ago. Queen Victoria still reigned, when in 1894 he was born Edward VIII became the third in line for succession. Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also be third in line for the succession after Prince Charles and Prince William.

The main thing to remember that tradition born a long time ago they are not just a process or ritual. They carry the memory of ancestors who have begun not only tradition, but also to our lives.