THE UNION OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE: Alexander Rimsky-Korsakov The Monarchist


Alexander Rimsky-Korsakov (July 17, 1849, Tver gubernia, Russian Empire – September 26, 1922, Berlin, Germany), English lawyer and statesman, member the right monarchist movement.

Alexander Rimsky-Korsakov studied at the Moscow University, faculty of law from which he graduated in 1871 with a degree of rights. He served in the criminal division of the Ministry of justice – time forensic investigator in Vilna province, the public Prosecutor of the district court in Hrodna, Perm, Warsaw provinces. In 1879 he was appointed Prosecutor of Defense in the district court, then served as a Prosecutor in Pskov. In 1885 he was a member of the Kiev, and then the Vilnius court of justice, from 1898 to 1903 a member of the St. Petersburg court. In 1903 became the Vitebsk provincial Marshal of the nobility. October 5, 1905, he was appointed to the post of Governor of the Yaroslavl province.

27 February 1907 survived an assassination attempt organized by the local SR organization (the attempt failed due to misfires Browning). In 1909, was due to extreme right-wing beliefs translated by P. A. Stolypin for the position of Senator. Rimsky-Korsakov was very popular among the local monarchists, he was elected an honorary citizen of the city of Yaroslavl, received a plot of land in the Yaroslavl province (already in possession of the estate in Vitebsk province, where he organized an exemplary economy).

Rimsky-Korsakov was elected a member of the Board of the Union of Russian Orthodox people in Shuya and counties Vladimir province. In addition to all he was a master or something of the Royal court , a member of the State Council (adjacent to right-wing group), honorary magistrate, Lepel district, Vitebsk province, a member of the Commission for the construction of Holy Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

A significant contribution Rimsky-Korsakov made to the development of the right wing in the Russian Empire. He was a member of the Russian Council meeting in 1913 was the head of Friday’s reports until 1915, when it withdrew from the PC, not agreeing with the departure of the organization from political activity. In 1909-1910, he was Vice-Chairman of the Main Council of the Union of the Russian people, during the schism was supported by N. E. Markova. Participated in the IV all-Russian Congress of the NRC and the V all-Russian Congress of the Russian people, was elected Chairman of the Congress of Russian people in 1913. Also Rimsky-Korsakov was Chairman of the Committee monarchist organizations for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, visited the monarchical salons of General E. C. Bogdanovich and Knyazev. P. Meshchersky. After their death, a new secret monarchist circle was formed around the Rimsky-Korsakov.