Wilhelm II The Monarchist

March 17, 1849, died the king of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg Wilhelm II. Future monarch studied at the Berlin Military Academy and the University of Oxford. In 1815, 22-year-old heir to the throne commanded the Dutch troops at the Battle of Waterloo, during which he was wounded in the shoulder. A year later, Willem married the sister of the Russian Emperor Alexander I, Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna. By this significant event on 17-year-old Pushkin wrote poems to order “the Prince of Orange”.

Praise, O young man is a hero!

The hero of marvelous Albion

He led the faithful in the last fight

And avenged Bourbon lilies.

Before him rebellious thunder,

Flowed into bloody footprint shields;

Storm, he flew in battle haze

And poured the shining glory.

His blood flowed mladaya,

It shines ulcer honor:

Crowning crowning his love!

He was a warrior worthy of revenge.

In 1840, the Prince of Orange ascended the throne after the abdication of the Dutch father. Willem II died in his favorite town of Tilburg. His name turned out to be immortalized in a curious way. Famous in Europe football club from Tilburg is called “VillemII”