Paris is a unique tourist destination. Where to go to relax with children? Travel

Paris is unique in that it can always impress even an experienced tourist. If you go to this beautiful city for the first time, and think about what to see in Paris, then it is recommended to see the most famous places in the city. The first thing that comes to mind is the well-known Louvre.

Also worth a stroll through Notre Dame Cathedral, and see the famous Eiffel Tower. These attractions occupy the top lines in the list of tourists.

The wonderful surroundings of Paris

Paris is a unique tourist destination. Where to go to relax with children? Travel

You can see the panorama of Paris not only from the Eiffel Tower (a beautiful view in the evening), but also from the Institute of the Arab world. This complex has access to the roof. From there you can well see the bridge of Syuli, the Seine, the Turnnel embankment and the boulevard Saint-Germain. The only negative, access to the roof is open only during the day, and the city is especially beautiful at night.

The Champs Elysees, the wonderful architecture of the Louvre, visiting these places can plunge into history, learn about the lives of kings. Then you can visit a unique place Buddhist pantheon. There are not many people there, so there is peace and quiet here. On the occupied area of ​​the Pantheon there is a beautiful Chinese garden, with a pond and stones, by the way, you can see exotic fish in the pond. And, of course, in this garden a wide variety of flowers. Here you can relax from the urban rhythm of life.

In Paris, even there are such quiet streets, where there is not a single car. Called — Dead End on the square des Peupliers, this dead end is a small area located on the shores of the River Beevra. On this bank grow beautiful poplars. Also on this street you can find stone buildings. The fences are framed with greenery, and behind them you can barely see small stone houses. Being in this dead end, you can completely forget that the next neighboring street continues to boil fussy city life, where cars are dissected and people are running about their business.

You can also visit an abandoned railway. This place is also amazingly beautiful. After all, some time ago there really went cars. And now you can see that the walls and niches are overgrown with wild plants.
It is also necessary to walk along Montmartre. On this street there is a wall of love, there many couples in love write about their secret secrets and leave confessions of love to their half.

Places for children

Paris is a unique tourist destination. Where to go to relax with children? Travel

In Paris, children will not be bored, they can have fun and unforgettable time here. In squares, various playgrounds are specially equipped for children. You can also bring children to the Disneyland amusement park.

You can have fun in the park «Asterix». Here you can participate in quests with real knights of the Roman Empire. This park is divided into themes, the sites have names — Vikings, the Roman Empire and Greece. At each of these sites, you can get a lot of knowledge on history.

In the end, you can relax on the rides and finally enjoy fresh French croissants or eat cold ice cream with the whole family.

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